Your favorite gas??

  1. I am wondering to those out there in the clinical setting new or otherwise, which gas do you prefer to use for your cases if you could use anything w/o regard to cost or specific type of case.

    When that right hand reaches over to the canisters which one do you freq. like to use?

    I have used quite a bit of Des but I think the overall best agent for me is Sevo. I can use anything but just wanted to know if you all had a preference??

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  3. by   smiling_ru
    For a short case Sevo or Des. For a long case I use 1/2 MAC Isoflurane and high narcotic.
  4. by   Tenesma
    i personally love isoflurane over des unless in peds/breathdowns i use sevo.... des is more of a bronchial irritant and doesn't give me the same tail end of a beautiful wake-up as iso does (even with near perfect narcotic build=up)... however I will use des for a very short case going straight home after case (of which i have very few ---- thank god) but i think it takes a while getting used to its kinetics. it always freaks out students with me when i turn off the isoflurane about an hour before the case ends but you can really coast on it nicely
  5. by   Jedav
    Even though I am still a "soon to be" SRNA, I really love reading these posts!!! Keep 'em coming!!!

  6. by   TexasCRNA
    Nothing like the Des canister to warm up your hands during a case. It comes in handy even if you are not using the actual Des gas.
  7. by   Brenna's Dad
    I'm sitting on my butt so much these days, I would have say methane. Yes, methane is my favourite gas.
  8. by   fence
    lmao..........That is killing me.....
  9. by   Qwiigley
    Love sevo, iso 2nd best and des last. Really use sevo for cases under an hour. Anything more the cost is too high.
    Did a "one breath" induction on a 4 yo T&A today. Sevo worked like a charm! Crying will only make it work faster!!!! Love it!
  10. by   nrw350
    man that is creepy. "just take one breath" wham! out you go!!!

  11. by   katscan
    Methane by far! I know mine don't stink!!!!And I bet you think your's done either, right????
  12. by   katscan
    Oh by the way, the above is a joke, no offense meant.
  13. by   lml33
    The methane that I use knocks out my husband, especially when the Dutch oven method is used. LOL!

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