Wow. Louisiana Legislature Votes To Ban AA's - page 4

Now the bill goes to the governor. (P.S. Obviously I was wrong on the legislative issues. I guess Florida wasn't a bellwether decision afterall. Congrats to CRNA's on this one.) ;)... Read More

  1. by   MaleAPRN
    Quote from TennRN2004
    WOW! You know I agree completely from what I know of AA's (admittedly not a huge amt) that CRNA's have better education, are better prepared to be safe anesthesia providers. But I guess what really is the most significant thing to me about the bill is the fact that when we as a nursing profession pull together- look what we can acomplish. Asserting ourselves as nurses and our profession of nursing as a unique and necessary part of the healthcare system is vital to keeping nursing strong. In the Louisiana bill, CRNAs are the preferred providers for anesthesia. I think that is AWESOME! It speaks a lot to how much respect is earned once you get thru the hell of CNRA school.
    Amen to that. Well said, Tenn.
  2. by   jbro
    there is already another bill waiting for vote by the house, i believe its hb1468, which wants to legalize aa's, it gets voted on in july i believe