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does this create opportunities for those who want to be CRNA's. I am trying to convince my wife that we should move to Pensylvania at least a year BEFORE applying to a CRNA school because it has so... Read More

  1. by   nilepoc
    Hey Roland,

    If by chance you both get in, who gets to go?
  2. by   New CCU RN
    one more thing........ he has two years left........ that is 8 contracts at the most ........... i am actually doing the first one out of my home state b/c I want to go somewhere for the summer ... he will be off from school......... so that is just seven contracts...... assuming they are all 13 weeks and no one wants to extend me....... so.... yeah, i think it will work out fine.....like i said the facility i work at now has a girl that works as a traveler there and has been for the last four years.......she spent 2.5 in my unit and the last 1.5 in another unit........ not bad huh....... by the way she makes over 100k a year..... down south!!!!!!!
  3. by   Roland
    If we should BOTH get accepted then SHE will probably go first. That is because while my GPA is stronger (currently 3.85 verses 3.45 for her) SHE has far superior innate clinical ability (she almost never misses sticks, IV starts, or NG insertions I on the other hand had to practice making the darn bed a hundred times to get my mitreed corners down and I was in the Navy for six years as a Corpman!). It's frustrating, because she is a Mensa member, scored over 1400 on her SAT's and STILL has trouble getting A's in her Med Surg nursing classes. In addition, she doesn't miss the patho/physio stuff (she scored the only perfect in her class on 14 point ECG interpretation) what kills her are the "soft" nursing intervention type questions. For her last cardio exam we went through a whole NCLEX review book and she only missed maybe four questions out of perhaps four hundred BUT she only scored 85% on the cardio test (which she is not allowed to review except during office hours which in reality don't exist).

    I digress, because it's so frustrating that my chances of getting accepted are perhaps much higher, but her odds of actually GRADUATING CRNA school are far superior to mine. If we could some how combine my "book test taking ability" with her "clinical skills, intellect, and social skills" you would have a very competitive student.

    Again, the NP route (FNP, ACNP) is IF neither of us can get in after about four years of trying. In addition if SHE graduates from CRNA school then I might look at going for an FNP or possibly DO because my income would be mostly gravy.
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  4. by   New CCU RN

    I wish you the best of luck. I hope you are able to gain a little more confidence in both yourself and your wife... you both sound very capable of gaining acceptance to any CRNA school....
  5. by   Damarie
    hi, ms wildgust
    i am a rn working on a bsn at msu, goal is to achieve a masters degree, i keep debating on what field to go with. i love the heart stuff. i have considered msn with cardiac emphasis or workin for a cardiology group, crna, or an mba. please let me kno the pros and cons.
    Quote from nrskarenrn
    accredited nurse anesthesia education programs: by state

    bette m. wildgust, crna, ms, msn
    (crna educator)
    crozer chester medical center/villanova university nurse anesthesia program
    is on the accreditation board.
    program is just down the road from me. willing to meet with anybody attending program.

    our lady of lourdes in camden nj is only 20-30 min from philadelphia too with good reputation.

    pennsylvania has:
    diploma 22
    associate 23
    total: 78

    very strong education focus in our state, believe we graduate third most rn's/year behind california and ny state.

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