Who is starting CRNA school this Autumn?

  1. Just checking to see what members of the board will be starting school in the next couple of months. Or, who has already been going part-time but is starting full-time?

    I am done with bedside critical care (doing a chair dance as I type that sentence - close as can be to the flashpoint in that job description at my present hospital). Anxiety about the road ahead is simmering. Suddenly, two-and-a-half years seems like an awfully long time.

    Is anyone doing any preparatory reading?
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  3. by   London88
    I am reading chapter one of stoelting's pharmacology and physiology in anesthesia practice. I now ask god to forgive me for calling the pharmacology professor all the names that I did under my breath as a lot of the stuff in this chapter is like dejavu. I thought the pharmacology professor just enjoyed inflicting pain, but now I see he meant well. I will be a full time student in a little over 3 weeks.
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  4. by   arkgolfer
    Starting TWU on the 18th. These past few weeks of waiting have been torment! I've not studied ahead, on the advice of many board members. I've taken the summer to run my own "Daddy Day Care" with my 3 children. I figure I can't see them much the next couple of years so I felt the summer would be best spent in hanging out with them. Just the waiting has been torment, not the kids.
  5. by   gaspassah
    i start kaiser permanenete in august. packing the uhaul as we speak. leaving baton rouge louisiana for los angeles tomorrow. anxiety about moving is the only one set in yet. ben readin morgan and makhail anesthesiology, and levitzky's pulmonary physiology. trying to focus on resp, drugs, cardiac. good luck to all, and maybe we can use this forum for advice after school starts.
  6. by   London88
    Unfortunately we were given our list of summer readings. I too am enjoying time with my kids as I just got done taking 18 credits over three semesters, and working full-time.
  7. by   EricTAMUCC-BSN
    I like your quote Athlein.
  8. by   K38s
    Starting in four weeks, been brushing up on some physiology, reading some Stoelting, and like London88 and arkgolfer spending lots of time with my wife and kids. I have been a devoted lurker for over a year and a half now, and only rarely have come out of my shell to post. However, I would like to thank all those who have given such valuble advice. Good luck everyone!!!
  9. by   sweetdreams
    I start Newman in two weeks. We relocated early in the summer to give the kids a chance to blend and get acquainted in the community before school started. I found a job at a small hospital's ambulatory surgery unit. Felt I needed to work all I could before I started. Even with loans, sponsorship, and my wife working. The thought of not bringing anything home for the next 24 mths has me plenty puckered.

    Have enjoyed this job's slower pace but agree with arkgolfer..."waiting has been torment". Really haven't followed a structured reading plan, but have dabbled in A&P and Pharmocology.
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  10. by   megmermaid
    I'll be at Newman too... just now ordering books and trying not to get too nervous. I have glanced through my CCRN study book, though.
  11. by   MICU RN
    12 days and counting and 3 more shifts in the ICU. I chose to take the summer off and spend as much time with my familyas I could. I had went to school 7 of the last 8 semesters to complete my BSN and take a grad. stats course last spring, so you could say I was pretty toasted when I found out I got accepted in MAY, but never the less I was very excited that all that hard has paid off to this point. MY program is a msn/ANESTHESIA PROGRAM SO 3 OF THE 5 CLASSES i take the first semester are nursing fluff and nothing to write home about, the other two are advanced pharm. and health assessment. The meat of the program starts in the second semester with physiology from hell and other hard classes. My program is rather new so they are still tweaking it, the class ahead of me took the phys. with the medical students and there was some problems, so my experience might not be quite as hard. Guess we have to just wait and see. By the way some of my friends have accused me of not looking too excited about going to school for the next 32 months, but I explain to them that the prospect of going to academic boot camp for 32 months is not very appealing. However, I am excited where it will take me once I have completed it. Far, far away from bedside nursing.
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  12. by   sandman
    I start at TWU in two weeks. I haven't really been studying a whole lot...just enjoying the time off before school.

    Megmermaid, how's the old SICU been treating you? Do you all miss me yet???

  13. by   Passin' Gas
    To all of you starting nurse anesthesia programs in the next few weeks....PUT THE TEXTBOOKS AWAY!! Seriously, spend time with your family, friends, close acquaintances, anyone you enjoy spending time with. Read novels, your favorite non-nursing/anesthesia journals, take a brief vacation away, somewhere else.

    It does not matter what your background is...16 years trauma ICU, 18 months CCU, 19 months ICU and 5 years ER, IT DOESN'T MATTER! Honestly, spend the last few precious free moments with family, get your apartment or new home setup, pictures on the wall, etc, figure out where the best grocery store (cheapest) is located, etc.

    The ONLY individuals I would encourage any studying would be those who have not had any chemistry in the past 4-5 years. If you didn't take a chemistry course this past summer, dig up a basic chemistry book with a study guide and flip through it (that's really all you have time for at this point) and hit the highlights; use the book as a reference for the graduate courses.

    Amazon.com sells used texts for less than retail. I've ordered used texts and other books through the resellers and have not been disappointed. BTW Walmart.com sells MANY textbooks for 5-10% less than retail e.g. from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

    Good luck to everyone starting nurse anesthesia school! Let us know how things are going for you!

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  14. by   charles-thor
    I tried doing some chemistry reading early this summer, but it quickly dawned on me that 2 and a half years is quite a chuck of time. So, aside from work, I've been kicking back and spending time with everyone important. Actually, I'm spending the week in Charleston, SC- by far the coolest city on the planet!!! I promised myself I'd keep away from the internet while we're down here, but I just couldn't help myself. 5 more SICU shifts to go until we head down to VCU. Best of luck to everyone in persuing thier goals.