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I can only speak for myself as a recent graduate. I took a rural Iowa position right of school (CRNA only). I am salaried with benefits at 190K per year. I work with another CRNA in a small rural... Read More

  1. by   Qwiigley
    Who pays for the liability insurance depends upon your contract. If you are making more than $190,K you are most likely paying your own insurance. But that is not always true. Depends on your contract. The only "typically" who pays for the insurance is if you are independent: you pay. If you are an employee: they pay. (very simplified).
  2. by   Freedom42
    Thanks. What I'm trying to get a handle on is just how lucrative being a CRNA really is. In my home state, the average pay is $130k. But if you're working for a hospital that makes you carry the insurance liability, that's a big chunk out of your gross.
  3. by   Qwiigley
    True. It is usually easy to find that out for your specific location, tho. Ask a question (start a thread) specifically for information on the location or group you are interested in working for. You may get a response. Also, if you call the group, the sec'y will give you that info. By the way, where is your home state? Where are you getting your number?
    I work in SoCal and the posted average for my area is on the low side. I work for a large company, have full benefits and my average is over 150K. (posted less) I don't work overtime much. But I also am limited in the use f my license. I don't put central lines in nor am I permitted to do femeral blocks and such. For that reason, I am not as happy in the position as I could be.
  4. by   gemini81sg
    Sounds like you have a really good deal there....congrats! Just wondering what the population of this "rural" area is? Thanks!!
  5. by   KsMICT
    "Bump the pay down to about $140-150K but it then I could work lochums in other places every third week."

    Is there any reason an employer would frown on a CRNA (or MDA for that matter) doing locum work? I mean, common sense tells me no. (It's not as if you're "stealing" patients. And I'm sure as long as you're not overly preoccupied with your locum work it would be all right.) This is just a question I haven't seen posed on these boards (unless I missed the thread).
  6. by   scorpiontail
    Is this 4 real? It sounds to good to be true. After 9 years of bedside ICU and Trauma nursing I feel that this field would be a form of retribution 4 me. I am sure you have no regrets. More power to you. Keep up the good work and continue to keep those standards high so that the profession can bargain with power now and in the future.