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I picked this up from another CRNA discussion board and have not read the article myself, but this appeared in the June 2004 Vogue magazine. It has stirred a lot of attention from CRNAs (As it should... Read More

  1. by   alansmith52
    when I wrote that i tried to write simply so my audience (premadonnas) would understand, agree though you are right and I should have been more acurate.

    Quote from deepz
    Matt, please! NO STATE has EVER required a CRNA to work with an MDA.

    Important distinction: the twelve Opt-Out states have simply removed the titular 'supervising' role from the surgeon or any other doc (for reimbursement purposes under Part A of Medicare only, blah, blah, ...snore...).

    All fifty States have ALWAYS had CRNAs enabled to work without MDAs.

  2. by   ryaninmtv
    I get nervous when I see a doc with a press kit that is larger than his training CV. This guy seems like a major a-hole. I loved the mea culpa letter response. Blessings to all you wonderful CRNAs turning up the heat on him.

    As a side note, my wife had a CRNA do her epidural on our last kiddo. This lady was a saint. Beautiful bedside mannerr and a heck of a clinician. My hat's off to all of you.
  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Unable to find Dr Abergel in USC faculty list or expert list.

    Our Staff

    We have selected our staff with particular concern for efficiency and a warm, dedicated attitude. Please feel free to approach anyone on the staff if you have questions or concerns.
    No need for expertise or mention of nurses...
  4. by   URgettingsleepy
    Dr Abergel, I am extremely offended and disappointed by your statements in Vogue Magazine. As a RN in California I work with many skilled surgeons and Anesthesiologists and none of them would offer such a misleading and erred statement lambasting the 100 plus years of safe anesthesia provided by Nurse Anesthetists. As a CRNA in training, I look forward to working in southern California and if our paths shall cross I look forward to thanking you for what you must do next. Contact Vogue; clarify your thoughtless statement. This is something you owe all CRNA's who have been providing safe quality anesthesia for much longer than you have had your fabled career.

    Then I recieved the same form letter as everyone else. To which I responded....

    Dr. Abergel, Thanks for the chain letter.
    How do you intend to remedy the situation? Assuming you were truly misquoted when will you be contacting Vogue? You owe it to all CRNA's and their patients. Your comment "taken out of context" or not dismisses all reputable research in regards to patient safety and anesthesia providers.
    We will be watching....
    .................................................. .................................................. ..

    Hats off to Yoga and the others who got the ball rolling. UR
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  5. by   u-r-sleeepy
    The problem I see is that - in my opinion - the "damage" has already been done! To merely respond with some little chain letter saying, "It wasn't really my fault - I was edited poorly... so sorry...." is worse than pathetic. I can recall celebrities who have sued and won cases against "tabloid magazines" for printing fabricated stories and extracted quite a few pound$ of flesh from those publishers. I do not simply want to read a little "Oh! You're right - I'm so sorry" from this guy. After all I have seen and read over the last year from the A$A and their minions trying to legislate CRNAs to a "physician extender" role or worse - drive us out of business eventually - I guess I am out for a little "blood".

    To me, if we allow these insults and damaging remarks to go (basically) unchecked, then I believe we are waving the white flag and giving up now. If we are passive when attacked, do you think the A$A will "respect" us for it? I am thinking of the French response after Hitler attacked in WWII... basically, it was "bohica" - all over again! Sorry, but if we can't respond with more of a punch than accepting a non-apology as a remedy, then maybe we deserve to have our livelyhood handed to others.

    Call me thoroughly ANGRY!

  6. by   suzanne4
    I received the same cookie-cutter response that everyone else has after sending my letter. Can imagine that his PR company, as well as office, has been extremely busy. Wonder what his bill is going to be?

    Has anyone tried contacting the author of the article by any chance?
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  7. by   CHATSDALE
    Some Magazines Like To Run Articles Like This And They Can Usually Find Some Ego Seeking Expert To Say Anything But The Idea Of Holding Vogue Responsible Is A Good One....maybe Next Time They Will Check Their Facts First
  8. by   yoga crna
    I agree that the damage has allready been done. Today I had to deal with a very nervous patient scheduled for a facelift next week. She is wondering if I am a safe practitioner and can handle her special needs (she is on three antidepressants). I don't know if she read the Vogue article or not, but I spent a lot more phone time than I usually do.

    I have received the same cookie cutter response as everyone else, but I am continuing to look at other options. It will be interesting to see if Vogue publishes a retraction next month.

    Stay tuned.
    Yoga CRNA

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