SRNAs - a question about science classes

  1. The anesthesia school that I am interested in (MTSA) calculates a separate science GPA. I want to know which science classes will be counted towards this. The following list includes the science-based classes I will have taken by this summer. Some are obvious hard-science classes i.e. chemistry, microbiology; but some of the classes are pseudo-science, such as Pathophysiology. My question is, which classes count towards the science GPA?

    Chemistry I&II with lab
    Anatomy and Physiology I&II with lab
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Those are all science classes. Non-science classes would be humanities, language, and I definitely wouldn't call Pathophysiology a pseudo-science. Guess you haven't taken that class yet.

    How the body works and reasons why is definitely a science class.
  4. by   CRNA, DNSc
    Ask the program- since this is something that varies from program to program. PS- when did Pathophysiology become a "pseudo" science
  5. by   Kiwi
    HAHA!! I got the phrase "pseudo science" from my boyfriend who is a biochemist. Chem and bio are the "hard" sciences to him

    I will contact the school. Thank you!