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  1. Unfortunately I failed boards. I have been a reck. I had 100 questions and had 99mins left when the computer stopped. I studied valley sweat book, all the prodigy categories exams and only the advance practice topics from Memory Master for six weeks. I have been studying again. I haven't reschedule anything yet. I am completely embarrass and want jump off the the tallest building in the world. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Oh gosh! So very sorry.
  4. by   ckh23
    Don't wait too long to take them again. A person in my class failed the first time using the same plan as you. That person took the test again a week later and passed.

    I would recommend focusing on the sweat book and the practice exams in prodigy. I wouldn't waste too much time on memory master.

    Just my opinion.
  5. by   CrnaRose
    Thanks ckh23 for the feedback. Did you not find memory master helpful. I have been reading it for the past two weeks since I didn't cover all the material the first time around. I did like the sweat book and prodigy combo. Valley says to wait six weeks for the next exam I believe. It's just stressful reading the topics all over again. But I am determine to stay positive. Do you think reading Morgan and Mikhail from cover to end would be good or not. As of now I am just going back to doing sweat and prodigy. Also questions from Hall Anesthesia (the purple book). Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  6. by   ckh23
    I didn't like memory master. I found more help in the sweat book and understanding concepts then memorizing random questions. Did you go to Valley? The lectures definitely help with the sweat book.

    You can wait as long as you want. I was just giving an example. Personally 6 weeks is a little long. I also wouldn't read M&M except for clarification and reinforcement of concepts. Keep taking the prodigy exams until you are acing them. Try focusing on areas you know you are not as strong in. If there are things that you know blind folded, such as respiratory, than focus more on things you are not so strong. There is no point in studying info you already know.

    You made it through Anesthesia school so we both know that you know the material. Stay positive and just cross that finish line.
  7. by   mh0712
    I am so sorry this happened! But you will pass the next time! Have you heard of a company called excelsior? Excelsior CRNA review. From what I hear they are a new company that is really good, might want to check them out. I think otherwise just continue studying what you are studying and you will be fine.
  8. by   wtbcrna
    I liked the Core Concepts Practice Exams. Practice Exam Package The people that made the practice exams are both question writers for the actual exam, NA instructors, and all the questions are high-level questions.
    When I studied Core Concept practice exams I made note cards of all the questions I missed and/or I didn't understand the topic completely. I used everything you did to study plus the Core Concepts.

    I have known a few CRNAs that didn't pass on the first try, but all passed on the second try. It is a nerve racking exam. I felt like I was going to puke through most of the exam.
  9. by   CrnaRose
    Thanks ckh23. I did take Valley. I just got the recorded audio from a classmate. You are right about M&M only to read for clarification. I will definitely focus on my weaker topics this second time. Thank you very very much. Time to continue and cross that finish line like you said.
  10. by   CrnaRose
    Thanks mh0712 for responding. No I have never heard of this company. I did try doing questions from apex anesthesia. I will check out the Excelsior. Thanks again.
  11. by   CrnaRose
    Thanks wtbcrna for this tip. Really Core Concept! I usually just do their question of the day. I will definitely now incorporate it into my studies. That exam was something else . I did very well during school and to not pass really rocked me to the core. I believe I was in SVT the entire time. I will take all the advise I got from everyone and make the best study plan. Staying positive as I move forward. One more hurdle until I reach my dream.
  12. by   missnurse01
    Thinking of you! ! Good luck!
  13. by   CrnaRose
    Thanks missnurse01
  14. by   naptime14
    I would focus again on Valley. I only found Prodigy helpful for a few topics. The Prodigy tests didn't really help me because I felt like you would do well only because you saw the same questions over and over. I only looked at certain things in Memory Master right before boards. I truly believe that you must understand concepts to pass the exam. Understanding the concepts in Valley will help you earn the big points on boards. Not really sure how some people say they pass by just looking at Memory Master. Why would you want to memorize things....wouldn't you rather understand them if this is going to be your life for the next 30+ years? Sorry for your little bump in the road and good luck to you. You will get it next time!