1. Anyone out there who didn't make the cut this year that will be reapplying for next year? If so, what is your plan of attack and what are your plans to make yourself a better candidate?
    I will be taking the CCRN. I may be looking for another job in a larger hopital. One of the concerns that was expressed in one of my interviews that the ICU I worked in was to small. The only problem is I live more than 100 miles from a larger facility. I had less that a year of ICU experience at the time of my interview I hope to be more rounded this go around. Also when I am given goals by the university I will obtain them. That's my plan.
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  3. by   gooser
    Mind saying where you applied
  4. by   fence
    TCU, TWU and Newman U
  5. by   CRHSrn
    i too am reapplying to twu but for a different reason, i withdrew my application b/c of personal reasons. however, i am taking the ccrn and obtaining some other certifications in addition to my acls and pals ie. tncc. plus, i just started working in a larger hospital that sees a wider scope of patients than where i came from like, ventriculostomies, open hearts, etc. i feel like this will make me a lot more competitive than when i applied this year. i can also take this year to pay off a few more bills, one less thing i have to worry about while i'm in school.
  6. by   XIGRIS
    I heard TWU is getting like 120 to 150 next year. That's a great chance of getting there next year.
    Good luck to you both.
  7. by   fence
    Sounds like you will be a very rounded applicant. Good luck with your application.

    XIGRIS thanks for the encouragement. It is greatly appreciated.
  8. by   mommyof2grls
    What kind of Stats do you all have, if you don't mind me asking? I too am getting ready to apply. Fense, what was your inteview with Newman like. I am wrting my personal statement right now.
  9. by   comfortablynumb
    Glad to hear that you are reapplying to TWU, but have you considered TCU? I am in my first semester there and I love it. If you have any concerns about this new program, I would be happy to address them. Good Luck!
  10. by   tcrn
    My gosh! we are in the same boat!!! I applied last year at twu and newman. This year I will add tcu to the list.. What I am doing to prep- taking an online a&p class (4credit hours in 8 weeks..tough!), studying to take the ccrn (also attended and recommend the review class), enrolling in a refresher chem class for the spring, and have made hundreds of rediculous note cards. Some of which I have bound in books or filed so that I can feel organized. I pray a lot, got a cheaper car, paying of credit cards, eating more pbj, and learning self hypnosis for relaxation. Also, making a real effort to do special family stuff... and hired someone to clean my house once a month to free up my time.
    pm me and maybe we can compare notes further!
  11. by   fence
    I have everything into TWU, TCU and Newman U for next year except taking the ccrn. I hope to do that in January. I feel alot better about my chances this year. I did not leave my position though I did however move to the day shift where things are a little more hectic. I am not sure if this will help. I do feel like on days I have had alot more experience with fresh surgical patients.
    tcrn it sounds like you have a solid plan for preparing. I to need to get rid of an expensive car to something more reasonable. I am also hoping to pick up a chem class next semester to refresh my brain. I wish you luck with your applications. I will tell you the interview I had at TCU was really great. The Dean and the Director of the program TCU made it very relaxed.
  12. by   haa
    Hi Fence, Just curious, how small is the ICU you have worked for? what type? how many beds do they have?
  13. by   pleasetakeme
    Hello to all.. I too will probably be reapplying next year.. I really wanted to go this year but have been turned down by three schools only one more out there and they interview in march for jan 2005 start.. I have not heard from them yet. My plan is to take a graduate class this fall and move closer to the schools I plan to reapply to. Wish you all luck...
  14. by   fence
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