Questions to ask of CRNA programs

  1. Although I have a two preferred CRNA schools that I would like to attend, I am trying to gain more info on other programs that are close to where I live.

    What are the important things to know and to be able to best compare? For example I have requested info from one and I asked about requirements (o-chem, statistics, gpa, gre), is there any PhD prepared faculty, # of students accepted each year and if they are from various parts of US or just the state (I prefer diversity). But I forgot to ask about how much regional experience is provided/required in program and how many clinical sites there were and how far apart they are.

    I just want to make sure that I stick to what is important rather than what I already know from my 'preferred schools' that I live far away from now.

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  3. by   CougRN
    I personally asked about first time pass rates over the past few years. How many students started the program and how many finish each year.

    I think that is all I had different from what you already asked.

    Best of luck.
  4. by   nilepoc
    clinical site stuff.

    Are there residents? How many locations, can you out rotate, for example in another state? Do their student meet the minimum case requirements.
  5. by   KSCRNA
    Ask about the clinical experiences.
    1. How many and what kind of blocks do the students get?
    2. Do you get to float swans and central lines?
    3. How much pediatric experience do you get?
    4. Do you have to compete with residents and do they get priority on cases?

    Also ask about the program.
    1. What is the pass rate on boards?
    2. What were the passing scores?

    Don't ask how the program is ranked by Newsweek. That is a bogus ranking at best.
  6. by   CRNA, DNSc
    You may ask about pass rates, but a program director should not be stating individual scores- that is a breech of confidentiality! (Mean score would be okay but that really doesn't tell you much- the passing rate says a lot more). My thought is this is not a good idea to ask this question! Good Luck
  7. by   smiling_ru
    I have noticed that several programs list the number of graduates who have perfect scores.
    I guess that you could ask if the graduates average in the high/med/or low range, how many passed, how many had a score of 600.
  8. by   g8rlimey
    So, to those of you out there that have taken the boards, how are they?
    Are they computerized?

    What is the general structure?

    How many days of testing?
  9. by   smiling_ru
    I have not taken them yet, soon though.
    I do know they are computerized, three hour maximum. Minimum of 90 questions, maximum of 160.
    Scaled scoring of 200-600.

    There is a forum on the valley anesthesia website, that will give you an idea of the types of question. (It is all about the board exam) This is the link