1. I understand the shortage (presently and in the future) of CRNAs in the workforce due to the age of CRNAs who will be retiring soon and NAP not able to put out as many CRNAs vs. those retiring. Is it safe to say that NAPs are more susceptable to choose a younger (1 or 2 years experience as a RN) student with exceptional creditials vs. a 45 year old applicant with more years of experience as a student for their program???........To me, the younger the better in relation to the current and future CRNA shortage..............
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  3. by   meandragonbrett
    Pardon my ignorance, but what's a NAP?

  4. by   nilepoc
    I am guessing nurse anesthesia provider
  5. by   gotosleep
    Nurse anesthesia program (NAP).
  6. by   smiling_ru
    It does not appear that way from the make up of my class.
  7. by   whipping girl in 07
    I would hope that programs would choose the applicants with the best credentials and most potential. I don't think this should exclude either older students or younger, less experienced students. The best programs, it seems to me, would have highly qualified students from a variety of backgrounds who all had good potential to finish the program and become CRNAs. I think every student brings something to the educational program that they are involved in. JMHO.

    Besides, 30 and 40-something students can still work for 25 or 30 years before retirement (if they want to).

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