Party Time!!

  1. I have been reading posts on this wonderfully informative discussion board for months...but I have never posted until now. I found out today that I've been accepted to UT-houston's CRNA program....I am so excited!! I couldn't believe it when the admission's website said I had been accepted...I actually called the registrar to make sure it was for real!!

    What's funny is I thought my interview went so BAD!! The interview was only 15 minutes and I felt like only my "negatives" were emphasized!

    Good Luck to everyone still interviewing!
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  3. by   EmeraldNYL
    Congrats!! Keep on posting and let us know how school goes!
  4. by   nakitamoon
    congratulations ,,, & welcome!!!!!! corpusrn,,,, this is wonderful place to be,,,,, ~kitamoon,,,,
  5. by   nilepoc
    Nice to see a lurker succeed. Now, lets see if we can get some more lurkers to come out of the wood work.

    Keep us informed.

  6. by   LilgirlRN
  7. by   Jedav
    Congratulations Corpus...I was once a "lurker" too...( I'm getting better )

    Let us know how school is going once you start!

  8. by   smiling_ru
    Congratulations!!! That is great!
  9. by   TraumaNurse
    Congratulations! Always glad to hear when people get in! Where do you work in Corpus? I used to work at MMC (Now Spohn).
  10. by   ShadowKnight
    Congratulations. I have to admit I am a "lurker" also. I have been reading this site for about a year now and feared I had nothing to contibute.

    I also recently found out that I was accepted to the Minneapolis School of Anesthesia. The news is both exciting and scary at the same time. Good luck UT-houston's CRNA program. I hope to continue to to post more especially once classes start.

    Thanks to everyone hear for all the good advice and insight on so many topics.
  11. by   London88
    Congratulations to the both of you!
  12. by   EmeraldNYL
    Okay, all you lurkers need to come out of the woodwork! Join the fun!!
  13. by   Jedav

    Congratulations to you as well! I is "exciting and (a little) scary" at the same time...Good Luck to you!


  14. by   SambvcaSim
    :hatparty: :hatparty: CONGRATS CORPUS!!!!:hatparty: :hatparty: