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Trying to stay away from the SDN is like the forbidden fruit. And I know i am stupid for even caring....but i do. My program starts is 2 months...I have worked for years to get to this point and for... Read More

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    There is no need to demonstrate credentials of any kind to anyone on this board since it wouldn't really matter what credentials I cited...they would be doubted by the interlopers on this site, and critiqued as insufficient to meet their personal requirements. Plus, this is not an academic argument for is simply a website for discourse. I save my academic and professional qualifications for those that merit the publications I have in the literature and the national organizations to which I belong and sit on leadership positions. It is not necessary to display them here.
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    Come on people - lighten up! Paindoc appears to have a lot to offer when it comes to anesthesia ... we could use some more professionals on this board with quality experience to add to the clinical discussions. Give the woman/man a break!
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    yoga crna,
    i am preparing to apply to gonzaga's anesthesia school. i have wanted to go to crna school for a long time. i graduated nursing school with my adn at the age of 20 and then worked for two years and went back to lcsc's rn to bsn program and completed that program in one year (a two year program) along with working. i just graduated with my bsn at the age of 24. i noticed from one of your threads that you teach at gonzaga's program and i wanted to know if you were aware of any classes that i might be able to take prior to being accepted into the program, that are required for the program? if so would you please let me know. you can e-mail me through this.
    any information you would have would be greatly appreciated!!

    e-mail addresses are not permitted for your safety.
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