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Would any of you guys like to post any thoughts about your interviews that you went through? What about posting some of the questions that were asked that maybe caught you off guard or that you... Read More

  1. by   nilepoc
    Well London88 spill it, which program, and what was your interview like?

    BTW congratulations.

    When do you start?
  2. by   London88
    I was accepted at Villanova university. The interview was not too intense. I interviewed with only one person, the director of the program. Yes, be prepared for clinical questions, especially your drugs. I am going to start the program in August. I will be taking all the MSN classes at Villanova first, and then I will start clinicals next year. This is a nice option when there is a spouse and kids to consider.
  3. by   mbrian46
    Has anyone heard anything about the University of South Carolina's anesthesia program? I have an interview at the end of July and any info. will be helpful (interview tips, questions to ask, etc.) Thanks..........
  4. by   London88
    Whenever I attend an interview I make a point of also interviewing the interviewer. I know this sounds confusing, but I am also assessing whether or not the school would suit my needs. Good questions to ask are " what is you pass rate on the CRNA boards?" "How many students are there to one Instructor in the clinical area?" In terms of what questions that would be asked by the interviewer I think it varies as some interviews are more intense than others. All I can say is that I was asked one clinical question in terms of what I would do if a particular drug infiltrates, and I did not know the answer. However, you must be able to improvise! I responded by saying that I would call the attending, and I would also call the pharmacist for furthur instructions. In other words even if you do not know the answer you must know where to get the answer. Make a point of reviewing your hemodynamics such as swan readings. I was asked if I was proficient with pulmonary artery catheters, to which I responded yes, and even if I was not tested on swan readings I was prepared. I happen to be a very calm person, and I do not get rattled easily, so all I can say is that if you come across a question which throws you off during the interview try not to break out in a sweat, try to think about the question logically. I hope this post is helpful, as reading some of the posts prior to my interview certainly helped me. However, I have a friend who was accepted at the same school and she was brutalized at her interview, but what counts is that she got accepted!

    Good Luck!
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  5. by   bubba
    Just wondering. Did you have your CCRN? And did your friend who got brutalized on ther interview have a CCRN?
    I have heard that if you already have your CCRN that you are less likely to get drilled during the interview. They assume that your are familiar with the critical care material if you have CCRN. And if you do not have CCRN, the will find out if you are familiar with the information by drilling you. Do you think there is any truth to this? Thanks!
  6. by   London88
    No Bubba, I do not have my CCRN, but I have a good undergraduate GPA. I am not sure if my friend has her CCRN, but she has more critical care experience than I do. I was only asked four clinical questions. The rest of the interview was informative. I guess my interviewer was in a good mood!
  7. by   mbrian46
    I appreciate the information, London 88. My interview is scheduled for July 31, 2002. I'm brushing up on my drugs, patho, etc. I'll let you know how it goes.................

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