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Hey everyone. I just had the absolute worst interview experience of my life and trust me I know everyone says it is horrible. Let me kind of give you a brief summary. Walk in to the room..panel of... Read More

  1. by   BRobison
    RE: CCRN exam:
    I say, go for it!
    If nothing else, you get some "practice" preparing and taking a national certification exam.
    It looks good on your application.
    It boosts your confidence a bit (job well done kind of thing)
    Some facilities even pay more for CCRNs.
    Nothing to lose by taking it. There are review courses, and there are review texts specific to the test.
    Good luck.
    Oh, and as for the interview; well, I think almost any job-related question is fair game, but rudeness and disrespect; not acceptable. I was asked some questions (this was long, long ago!) that I thought were rather odd, but I answered them, and after acceptance, found that they asked the "out there" questions to test my ability to think on my feet and respond to the unexpected. Not bad character traits in a SRNA/CRNA.
  2. by   New CCU RN
    I def also agree with going ahead and getting the CCRN!!! Good luck!
  3. by   nilepoc

    get the CCRN, it looks great, and I know one person who applied without, and was rejected, got her CCRN and got into the same school the next year. She thinkis it is why she got in.

    BTW you just need 1000 hours of ICU experience to sit for it.
  4. by   Brenna's Dad
    That's right Craig, I forgot about the hour part.

    In regards to your question Tia, I did well with just studying from the AACN review book.

    I can relate to the anxiety and stress with not knowing whether you were accepted. I waited about a week after my interview and was actually nauseated with the stress of not knowing. I don't recommend you necessarily do this, but I finally called the school and asked them. I just couldn't take it anymore. LOL.
  5. by   London88
    I do not know what your stats look like, but if they are just average scores, and I do not mean this in a demeaning way, then the CCRN can definitely determine whether or not you get accepted into a program. I take it that the program you applied to before did not require the GRE or MAT, as you stated that you are going to take the GRE? Most programs require one or the other.
  6. by   Tia

    You are correct in that the program I applied for didn't require the GRE..they just asked that you write a statement of intent(explaining why you want to be a CRNA) I am going to get CCRN and GRE now so that they don't have ANY reason to not accept me. Although after the interview I don't think I will be interviewing with the school again. Stanger things have happened and that may have just been a way to see how much it takes to rattle me. If I don't get in it just gives me more determination to make myself a better nurse and heck you never know I might meet some really cool people in the process. There is always more opportunities out there, buy you just have to be willing to move on and find them yourself. Thanks everyone for the support..I really appreciate it. Whatever decison they make doesn't change who am as a person, just makes me more determined!!! At this point I am totally assuming that they aren't going to accept me. Happy Holidays to all!!

    Tia Sohpia
  7. by   mommyof2grls
    What school was so Rude? Was it in Kansas?
  8. by   JennInColumbus
    This is a really old thread but I'm curious, is Tia an SRNA now?
  9. by   carcha
    Here, a member of the hospital personnel office must be present to oversee an interview and ensure it runs fairly and correctly. If I were you I would ring the personnel dept and make an appointment to speak to the relevent person about your experience. Lets face it, 8 people is overkill and intimidating at the best of times. Someones made a mistake there.

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