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  1. by   txsugarlvn
    No joke Brett. Maybe that's why during your first semester in nursing school (at least at my school during the LVN program) they taught us to change beds, bathe patients, clean them up, feed them, and how to relate and talk to them. It was quite an eye opener, to say the least. But you know, it's part of the healthcare profession no matter what level you are at. And it makes me feel really good to see a patient who is clean, fed, and content because I know I played a part in making them feel good.
  2. by   yoga crna
    I have hesitated about getting involved in this rather stupid discussion, but I will put in a few words.

    My perception of Angels first post was that she was looking at anesthesia as an easy route to make good money, keep her hands clean and be treated well by doctors. Angel, may I suggest that if that is what you want, try another profession alltogether. Maybe sales, law, teaching, government work--anything but taking care of patients. Maybe I am wrong, but you are not asking intelligent questions, nor do you appear to understand what it is we do in anesthesia.

    But, I will answer your questions:

    1. Yes, I make great money as a CRNA and I earn every penny of it. Of course to make that money I have received an advanced education, have to continually keep up with changes in all of medicine and work in a stressful environment.

    2. Go to <AANA.com> for information on how to become a nurse anesthetist.

    3. I love my job

    4. I get respect because I have earned it. But I have to continue to earn it with every case I do. You are only as good as the last complication that was your fault or blamed on you.

    5. Somethime the feces you clean up is in your own pants. If cleaning up body fluids is not your thing, forget anesthesia and try another field.

    Sorry for being so crass, but I have little time or energy for those who think this is an easy way to make money and not work very hard.
  3. by   meandragonbrett
    As always, thanks for you insight! It's greatly appreciated!

  4. by   keermie
    i feel i was taken out of context, and paraphrased what i was conotating was that this board has already addressed this issue many times and that its detrimental to the board when a large porportion of the discussions have to deal with this over and over again. scan and read past posts. cleaning up feces is part of the profession and it can be discussed. i would just like to think that a person wanting to pursue a profession would have a different mindset, and not focus on money and feces.
  5. by   dreamon
    I believe that money is an important part of life these days. Should we encourage our children to look for the highest paying job and then go to school for that? I dont think so. But I certainly dont want to be living in a trailer park for the rest of my life.

    Alot of these posts on this site are about how nurses' salary should be raised. No one flames them about wanting more money
    so I dont think it should be done here either.

    I will be honest, all my life I wanted to be a gynecologist. I have a family now, and I dont want to go through med school. I decided to become an NP and specialize in ob/gyn, or become a CNM. But after looking around, I found out about CRNAs. Yes, that salary looks very appealing. I know there is alot of responsibility and work to match that salary. But nursing in an occupation that had my eye for 2 years now,so I don't believe that my reasons are so awful.

    I also know about the cleaning of feces,vomit,so on and so forth. I believe their are nurses who wish some patients could clean this up themselves, but can't due to their situation. Cleaning up nasty stuff isn't what nursing is ALL about. t's apart of it. I have heard CNAs/LPNs are the ones to do things some RNs dont want to do. I know all RNs dont have that attitude, and there are not always LPNs to delegate certain duties too.

    And to answer the first posts question, I have read elsewhere that most CRNAs do not clean up feces, maybe vomit, but thats about it.
    I am sure its not written in stone though.