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  1. I will be in fort worth from august to december at twu. I am from kansas and have no idea where to live. Any ideas or input on apt complexs or areas of town? I know that on loans I will not be living "large" but at least want to be safe. And hopefully surrounded by fellow students for group study. Any gal's looking for a room-mate possibly?
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  3. by   duckboy20
    TCRN from experience the best thing for you to do is live in the dorms on campus. I know they are not the best to look at but you won't be there for long and your meals are made for you. The library is 100 yards to walk, everything is much easier there. I would venture to say that at least in the guys dorm our test averages were probably higher than the rest of the class, don't quote me on that but I would suspect it. That is the best I can do for you!
  4. by   BDD
    I heard from one of the students that it is best to live in the dorms as well. I was going to look for an apartment but now I want to live in the dorms. I am going to call TWU and get a dorm request form. Plus, no driving in rush hour traffic and many students at my disposal for when I have a question. I can't wait.
  5. by   tcrn
    ok, I lived in the dorms as an undergrad for all of one semester and found it impossible to sleep. Most of those people are not serious about anything except having fun. I agree that being right there, meals fixed and students all around would be nice. But, if you are a person who is used to quiet in order to sleep the dorms may not be too great. Thanks for your input..... I will weigh out the risks and benefits.
  6. by   TraumaMaster
    Don't they have dorms just for grad students?

    Yikes!! Dorm life LOLOLOL!!!!
  7. by   tcrn
    I was told thats in the works but won't benefit our class.
  8. by   XIGRIS
    Just talked to TWU yesterday and found out the place called Fossil Ridge is where a few students stay. Guess I'll try that...It would be better to live where some students reside for networking and support.
    Hmmm... decisions decisions decisions.......
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  9. by   duckboy20
    The campus has a coed undergrad dorm and an upperclass male and upperclass female dorm. Anesthesia students have first priority to the upperclass, they will not put us in the undergrad dorms. While I was there there was no problem with noise. Some people who were light sleepers got ear plugs to sleep with and they did ok. There is free high speed internet in each room, you share the bathroom with one other person, unless you have a roommate, which is rare. If you do have a roommate it will be another person in the anesthesia program. And yes, you can avoid all the traffic. I would highly recommend it.
  10. by   aRNnAR
    I'm planning on living in the dorms...besides all of the aformentioned reasons, I would suspect that it would be difficult to rent an apt for only 5 months.
  11. by   sandman
    I live in the Fossil Ridge area. There are plenty of nice apartment complexes to choose from in this area and the drive to school is about 15 min depending on traffic.
  12. by   alansmith52
    I will be most likley renting my house. this is a better situation for a family pm me
  13. by   tcrn
    SO, in the dorms what do you do if your family visits? Any guest rooms or rules on kids, husbands, ect staying with you for the weekend?
  14. by   duckboy20
    In the dorms I don't know how strict the female dorms are but it was not problem for spouses to stay the weekend in the guys dorm. I don't really think you were supposed to but the hall director was really cool with it. Esp with kids, might be easier to get a hotel for 2 nights when fam comes to visit.

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