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    I am new to this site. I've been an RN for 16 years now and thinking of going back to school and getting my CRNA. Does anyone here know if there are a good amount of CRNA jobs in Colorado? I researched online and couldn't really find any info so I joined this site. I have been away from the bedside for 8 years now as I have been working for a medical device company. I'm just tired of traveling all over the country week after week. I have 8 years of ICU and trauma experience. Thanks so much!
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    Colorado can be tough. Relatively recently some of the MDA groups have brought in AAs and have limited CRNAs to the scope of practice and compensation of AAs. The MDAs have done this because they see CRNAs as a threat. If you are willing to consider other locations, opportunities for CRNAs are growing rapidly. And who knows, CO may improve because AAs can only work medically directed which is not sustainable. Sooner of later CO is likely to follow the national trend and begin utilizing nonmedically directed CRNAs because that is the cost effective model. Prior to entering a CRNA program you will need at least a year of current ICU experience.
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    Thanks so much! I appreciate your response.
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    Quote from loveanesthesia
    If you are willing to consider other locations, opportunities for CRNAs are growing rapidly.
    Do you mind providing additional information on what you mean by this?
    Growing in what type of ways?
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    CRNA opportunities are growing the number of positions for CRNAs.
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    Check anesthesia job websites to see where jobs are at. Some states have plenty of jobs and then others have a only a few. Seems like the most are in CT. - The Largest and Most Comprehensive Anesthesia Employment Resource Since 1996 is one that I frequent.
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    In general Colorado seems to lack behind when it comes to hiring CRNA's. I am especially talking about the more urban areas like Denver and the Springs. I just recently talked to the first CRNA to get hired at one of the major hospitals in Colorado Springs. That was about six months ago. They are slowly migrating in which is good for prospective CRNA's. I work in Pueblo and my hospital has a staff of about 8 CRNA's. If you don't mind going more rural there are a ton of opportunities. Just give it time for the urban areas, it will get there.
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    Like mentioned above, is a cool website to see job listings in different states.