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  1. by   wtbcrna
    Quote from lmdscd
    All I'm trying to say is there are too many schools and you can see the affect, jobs on one main site, gasworks down 4000 jobs since about 2 years ago.
    I do understand what you are saying, but IMO it would be best to increase the requirements to a point where the schools that are only interested in meeting the minimum requirements would have to close. The AANA has no interest in reducing the amount of CRNAs. Basically if there is an abundant supply of CRNAs there is no reason for AAs to grow. One of the biggest arguments that is used to allow AAs is a deficient supply of anesthesia providers. We know it isn't true and the only reason to AAs are around is to give MDAs more control of the anesthesia market with a type of provider that can never compete against them.
  2. by   subee
    Quote from lmdscd
    Knew five years ago, With AANA this was coming guess if wages get to four year b s degrees their will be less students !
    Huh? Please elucidate on this gibberish.
  3. by   lmdscd
    As crna wages are pushed down due to over supply rn wages are getting closer to crna wages maybe enrollment will drop.
  4. by   wtbcrna
    Quote from lmdscd
    As crna wages are pushed down due to over supply rn wages are getting closer to crna wages maybe enrollment will drop.
    Average RN salary is about 65K. http://www1.salary.com/Registered-Nurse-Salary.html Average CRNA salary is approximately 170K. I think we still have a long way to go before the one effects the other. I think the biggest immediate effect of CRNA "oversupply" was older CRNAs foregoing retirement due to the recession.
  5. by   NursingStudentEMT
    Is NY a good state for new grads? We only have 4 schools.

    Also, I heard the average if your work in NYC is 180-200k. Is that with a few years experience? Or are we talkin' decades of exp.?
  6. by   2bEsqtoRN
    Bump. Good information here. It is my hope that there will still be a demand for CRNAs when I do graduate.
  7. by   BACONLIPS
    It will be interesting to see if the retirees will open the market up more for CRNA'S. As a new grad RN, it was astounding to me how many classmates wanted to be or were going to school just to become CRNA's one day. Of course circumstances change and not all of those students will get in, but if the demand by RN's to pursue graduate school continues to grow (and our country continues to pump out more new graduate nurses) I do not see how the CRNA market can sustain itself. The rate of BSN prepared nurses is increasing daily and will eventually be the norm as ADN's begin to be phased out. Oftentimes, the BSN prepared nurses want to pursue higher degrees, as would the ambitious business student who wanted to pursue an MBA. More BSN's= more people pursuing graduate schools = higher competition but also more programs opening their doors to get $100k plus / student. I hope the market never becomes saturated but if one pursues this path only for the money, they may be disappointed (or not, who knows in the end).