"Bread & Butter" ?

  1. I was looking at a few job postings for CRNA's and I seen the expression "bread & butter cases."

    Anyone mind explaining it for me?
    Thanks in advance
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  3. by   catcolalex
    bread and butter = gallbladders, hernias, very commong "easy" cases.
  4. by   WVUturtle514
    Bread and butter generally means "easy cases." Meaning no neurosurgery cases, no cardiac or lung cases, etc.. It means mostly elective, same day surgery types of cases on healthy patients.....hope this helps...
  5. by   skipaway
    "Bread and Butter" is a descriptive term for routine cases such as general surgery (lap choles, hernias, colon surgery), urology, ortho etc... B&B do not include: open heart, trauma, OB, Neuro and complicated pediatrics.
  6. by   hanna-beacon
    Ooh you learn something new everyday
  7. by   Ivanna_Nurse
    I was wondering the same thing! Thanks for asking, AdidasGirl!
  8. by   x_coastie
    Thanks, great question and great answers. I wanted to know the same thing, but never thought to ask here.