Frontier Nursing University CLass 113-115

  1. Roll call and discussion for all of us applying to Frontier Bound spring term 2013.

    I haven't submitted anything but I'm so excited.

    Anyone else?
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  3. by   SnowboardRN
    I'm applying (hopefully) for 114. I submitted my online application with the essays and resume a few weeks ago when I made my final decision for Frontier. But it is taking FOREVER for my official transcripts to get here, now I'm kinda freaking out wondering if everything will get there by the 13th. If not, I am wondering if there is a way to cancel that online application and make a new one for the next Frontier Bound date (in August).
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  4. by   Mary C
    In my experience, if they receive it after the deadline, they may just push your admission to a later class (provided your accepted).
  5. by   raza718m
    I applied for class 113- FNP program, Still haven't heard anything yet. Hopefully I will get a reply soon!
  6. by   EmilyProulx
    I applied for Class 115 WHCNP program. I read that we won't know if we were accepted or not until 8 weeks before Frontier Bound date. It's killing me!!!
  7. by   Mary C
    Class 113 CNEP isn't closing until Feb 18. I bet we won't find out until April!
  8. by   SnowboardRN
    I mailed out my packet, now the waiting game begins! I don't care when I get in... whether it's June, August or November.. just so long as I get in SOMETIME!
  9. by   Mary C
    My husband just shoveled the driveway and unburied my car so I could make it to the post office. Everything is in! From the past history of notifications, it seems like we won't find out until April 8th. I will be on vacation April 6-19, so hopefully it's not a vacation wrecker!

    I haven't been able to find much information about readmission rates. I hope I have a shot! Did you apply to 113 too, SnowboardRN?
  10. by   SnowboardRN
    Awesome husband! It is very snowy here too... I am so ready to hate the summer heat again!I applied to 114 because I have to do the bridge program.
  11. by   SnowboardRN
    I haven't seen anyone else post that they are applying to 114 so maybe I won't have many competitors ... wishful thinking right? :-D
  12. by   Mary C
    Haha. Very much so. When I went to Frontierbound the first time, we had Bridge people with us. BUt that was back in 2009! Frontier is a wonderful school, and I am really hopeful to be readmitted.
  13. by   PrayeRNurse
    I am graduating with my BSN in May from Arizona State University. I am looking at Frontier for the DNP. I only know a little about this school but love what I have found out so far. Can you tell me why you feel it is a wonderful school? Thanks for your time.
  14. by   Mary C
    For me, it was the rich history of the school, the bond I formed with other student nurse midwives and the coursework. It's easy to find a preceptor, too, because the midwives I know have good things to say about frontier students and grads. What do you have have your masters in?

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