Frontier Nursing University Bridge Class 111 - page 4

Hello!! I wanted to make a topic for the bridge class I'm applying to so anyone else that is applying and have some peer support and so any questions can be asked. I'm going to send in my packet... Read More

  1. by   CarolAnnVan
    Just received via FB:
    Frontier Nursing University

    Good news for Class 111 applicants--the admissions office will start sending out application notifications over the next few days, starting today! You should keep an eye on your inbox this afternoon. Good luck!

  2. by   frylockholmes
    I GOT IN!!! I got the email @ 1335.
  3. by   CarolAnnVan
    Hey Classmate!
  4. by   frylockholmes
    Did you get in too???
  5. by   djmatte
    No word here yet
  6. by   LMossRN
    No word here. I hopw they get all the emails out today. I wont be able to sleep tonight.
  7. by   LMossRN
    I got in!
  8. by   djmatte
    All in
  9. by   djmatte
    So I have been poking around the site after the slew of emails I got today from school. Would anyone be interested in linking up through google+ to share info through specific circles you can create there?
  10. by   frylockholmes
    Congratulations to everyone!!! Can't wait to meet you all next month!
  11. by   CNM2B
    Congrats everyone! Frontier Bound is amazing! Enjoy!
  12. by   Patchouli
    Quick question for you Frontier students. I'm a little confused on the required math for this school. It's not covered anywhere on their website. With an ADN, college level algebra was not needed. Would this need to be obtained before applying, or is it not necessary with their program?
  13. by   queenanneslace
    It's a little clutzy - but most of the questions about FNU can be answered by downloading their catalog.

    Catalog | Frontier Nursing University

    Download and print off a copy ... then you'll have it for reference. Not everything in the catalog is on the website.

    The only math requirement that I see is the statistics course within 10 years of applying.

    If doing the ADN-Master's completion, then the statistics course is part of the bridge.