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  1. Hello All!

    I am currently about a year from graduating with my BSN and would like to work as an RN for a year or two and then go back for the masters, most likely a midwifery specialty. I have heard a lot about getting your employer to pay for your advanced degree. Does anyone know how this works? Do you continue to work full time while going to school or part time?

    Do all employers offer this sort of thing? Before starting a new job, can you negotiate this point? Does it matter what specialty you are in?

    After the huge amount of loans I have already taken out, the thought of taking out more for another degree gives me the heebee jeebies!

    Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    - Julie
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  3. by   neneRN
    Our hospital will reimburse up to $3000/yr for school, but requires that you sign a contract stating you will continue to work at the hospital for 2-3 yrs or you have to pay it back.
  4. by   traumaRUs
    Gotta tell ya my story. I got my APN via a post-MSN certificate via my employer's school of nursing. They paid my tuition and I was to work for them for two years. Well, I graduated and guess what??? No APN positions available. I worked for an additional two months as a staff nurse (no increase in pay or responsibility) before I found another position outside the hospital. On my last day, I had to bring them a check for well over $9,000!!!!!

    So...please understand they don't have to hire you as an APN - you can still continue to work as a staff nurse for two more years. That makes you almost impossible to get another job at that point. Buyer, beware!
  5. by   babynurse2001
    I'm sure it depends on the hospital and what their needs are, but it is possible. I have worked for my employer for 9 years in LDRP. I am currently getting my CNM. They are paying for about 1/2 of it (about $12,000 over 2 years). I had to sign a contract that I will work for them for 3 years after I am done. BUT my contract says I am relieved of my obligation to repay it if they are unable to offer me a job as a CNM for fair market wage. So worse case is I don't get a job but then I'm free to find another one.

    Go for it!

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