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  1. Okay, I'm really doing it. After an entire year of praying, researching and planning, I'm printing out my application to Frontier. My husband is really 110% behind this decision and is making a huge career change to help make this happen. I've been an RN for almost 10 years and have been working in Lactation Education for a little over a year now. I work with expecting and new moms every day. I feel ready to commit to this.

    I just thought I would post to encourage anyone else that's been thinking about applying. Anyone else applying soon? Anyone else just thinking about it? I know there are tons of 'lurkers' on these CNM boards...come out come out wherever you are and share your plans if you'd like.
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  3. by   babynurse2001
    Congratulations on taking the plunge! I am a Frontier student and loving it, almost 1/2 way there. It is a hard program but not too hard to manage. I don't know much about the bridge program, it is relatively new. I see that you're from Alaska, just curious, since I am too (Ketchikan), what part? Whan I was in Hyden last year there weren't too many pins in the Alaska map that shows where all the frontier students are, and I was the first from SouthEast!.
  4. by   Snugglibumkins
    I'm in Kodiak right now. And since we don't have any midwives and we average maybe one delivery every 2nd or 3rd day, I haven't been to aggressive in applying. But now that my husband's time is up here (he's in the Coast Guard), and we are moving permanently back to Florida, I am ready to jump in and get started!!

    Good luck....good to know I can survive at least the first half of the program!
  5. by   CNM2B
    Hello! I applied to Ohio State's program already, but I have been reading more and more good things about Frontier. It seems like a really special program to be a part of. I would be applying for the CNM program (I already hold a BSN), but I don't have a year of experience in labor and delivery (I worked in oncology). My plan is to work part-time during school in L&D and then graduate with a couple of years of experience. Do you think that would be sufficient for their requirement? I would wait and work first, but I have a baby at home now that I don't want to put in daycare, so this is a really good time for me to be a full-time student at home with my daughter...
    Any advice?
  6. by   mommy2boysaz
    Hi! I sent my application in to Frontier the beginning of August. I am applying for the bridge program that begins in March. I, too, have been an OB nurse for 10 years now and have had the privledge of working with 2 CNMs for the past 4 years. They are great and have really inspired me to take this path. I, too, am also doing a lot of praying that this is the right thing for me and for my family. It's a big step!!
    I was told when I had my telephone interview that I may not hear anything about being accepted or not until possibly the beginning of December. Not much to do now except wait, I guess!
    Good Luck to you with your application and with your move to Florida!
    Who knows, maybe we'll be in the same class!!

    Best wishes,
  7. by   mommy2boysaz
    Oh, and I forgot to add that one of the CNMs I work with is a grad of Frontier and had a wonderful experience. She loved the program and has turned out to be an inspirational midwife. The other midwife that is in practice with her graduated from somewhere else and even said that she felt less prepared for practice due to her education. Frontier apparently does a tremendous job of preparing students for independent practice.
    Good Luck again!!
  8. by   CNM2B
    After lots of talk and consideration, I decided to apply to Frontier as well. I'm applying for the June class. Anyone else applying to go to Frontier Bound in June?
  9. by   BirthNBabies
    I am so excited to find you all!!
    I am in my last BSN class and will finish in December. I am getting ready to apply for Frontier's March class.
    I work with some wonderful CNM's, one of whom is a Frontier graduate that has agreed to precept me through the program.
    She is the reason I am going to midwifery school and I can't wait to get started!
  10. by   CNM2B
    Yeah! Nice to meet you! I am applying to the June class and am actually sitting here at my desk working on the application materials! Kind of daunting!

    Congrats on having a preceptor! I don't have one yet, but havent' really starting working on it yet, although I have a few definite leads. I'm going to start working on that more seriously soon. But I wanted to at least get my application materials in and start the process.

    All of the correspondance I've had with the folks at Frontier have been wonderful. Everyone there is SUPER supportive and that makes me so excited!

    Keep me posted as you continue on this journey!
  11. by   mommy2boysaz
    I, too, am fortunate to have a Frontier grad that I work with who has agreed to be my preceptor.
    She's my inspiration for going into midwifery,too!
    I'm becoming very anxious to hear something!! I submitted my application a couple of months ago for the March bridge program.
    Good Luck to us all!!

    By the way, has anyone else gotten some funny reactions from others when you tell them you're going to school for midwifery? :roll

    I've had the strangest reactions! Many around here don't even know that midwives still exist, let alone that they deliver babies in actual hospitals!
    Quote from mommy2boysaz
    I've had the strangest reactions! Many around here don't even know that midwives still exist, let alone that they deliver babies in actual hospitals!
    Yes, this has happen to me as well. I think this will improve as time goes by. As more CNMs start to practice, the greater the awareness will be. I have a friend who is "well-versed" in womens studies and issues, but had no idea Nurse-midwives existed! I am applying to Frontier as well. Good luck to all!
  13. by   CNM2B
    I found out today that Frontier will be contacting me in the next few days to set up a phone interview. Any advice or insight on how these interviews go? I'd love to hear from a current/former student!

    Anyone else applying to Frontier for the June class? I'd love to meet a potential future classmate!
  14. by   richelle362
    I applied for the June class last week.