Anybody new gearing up for Frontier?

  1. Out of school awhile...still working...last my kids said I was still the Mom. Anybody else adding Frontier to the mix this year?

    What are you doing differently at home & work to make it happen?
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  3. by   RNmilwife
    I just applied for the ADN-MSN bridge program for CNM. If I get in I will be starting in August. It's exciting My kids are 13 and 6 right now. So they are not at (for lack of a better word) needy. I only work PT right now so I think I would have plenty of study time and family time.
  4. by   CnmAshley
    I'm not there yet, still need to do nursing school, but I am thinking Frontier for my CNM. Or I could just move where ever I can get accepted since hubby works from home and go relocate anywhere we need to. Would love to hear what ya'll think of Frontier's program though.
  5. by   destin3g99
    I am getting ready to apply. Hopefully starting in August. I think I must be crazy. I work full time and have a 1.5 year old. I would be in the ADN-MSN also. I want more kids and would love them soon, but not sure that would be possible before I graduate. But, my husband is great, he's ready to help sacrifice so I can have time to study. I work 3 hours shifts. Friday, Saturdays, and Sundays. At this point our daughter isn't in day care and DH only works part time in the evening, so we have plenty of family time. I would probably study during nap times and any other time I would need my husband would watch the LO while I study. If he ends up getting a job where he would be gone more we would probably talk about putting her into day care a day or two during the week while I do school work.

    I'm kind of scared, but I'm ready to have a job that I will enjoy going to instead of dreading. And I feel drawn to Frontier, like it's where I'm supposed to be.
  6. by   LoveANurse09
    destin-I do too! Its weird, I feel like Frontier is calling me too!

    I need to apply ADN-MSN also, but I've really been putting off my application. Part of me is so scared to do it. Like, I won't be a good CNM or something, even though this is all I've wanted to do. I'm also having a hard time with my LOR. I dont know many MSN's that well to ask for a LOR. Where will yout be getting yours from?
  7. by   birthrevolution
    I'm looking at next winter term. I'm also considering ECU since it's in-state tuition for me and WAY cheaper. However Frontier will consider "other significant experience in healthcare" if you don't have one year of nursing experience and also won't make me take the GREs again since I already have a Master's degree.
  8. by   RNmilwife
    loveanurse , i got my lor from other rns 1) nurse mgr 2) fellow staff rn and 3) my maternity nursing professor from nursing school. i don't know any cnm's to write me one either.
  9. by   destin3g99
    I have been putting off my application also. I got the first of my college transcripts in the mail today. I need to pass out the forms for the references. I've e-mailed one of my nurse managers, but she has been fighting breast cancer and I know at times is not working, so I don't expect to hear back from her. One of my other managers (not nursing job) said she will fill one out. Then I plan to ask my current shift manager to fill one out, and a co-worker from a previous nursing job.

    I'm scared too. When I first graduated high school I had no idea what I wanted to do, so didn't really try in college and my grades show it. My GPA from nursing school is high enough, but could be even better if I hadn't transfered classes from the previous college. I just hope those first couple years of college don't keep me from getting in.

    I don't have L&D experience either. I have telemetry, ER, and the med/surge floor that I work on now. It specializes in OB/GYN and plastic surgery. So, I get a lot of pregnant pt's, fetal demises (who deliver on our floor at times with no Dr present). etc I'm thinking about applying to a L&D job opening where I work, but I would have to switch to nights. Not sure I want to do that and train for an entirely different floor all while getting ready to start school.
  10. by   LoveANurse09
    destin- I wonder about that too. I have been applying for L&D jobs, but it would be hard to go through that training on top of starting Frontier, if I were to get in! I think if I were to be accepted, I would stay on the cardiac stepdown unit that I'm on now. As much as I dont want to.
  11. by   tablefor9
    Frontier is expanding their ADN-MSN bridge program, so in future classes, they'll be taking more than the 20 slots they filled for March 2011. June 2011 class is closed, too, because of the volume of applications rec'd for March.

    I'm excited to be starting in March!
  12. by   destin3g99
    When are their classes going to get bigger?
  13. by   tablefor9
    They are growing now. I saw a post last night that made me think my class will be larger than 20...maybe 25 or 30. Check and see what you come up with.

    Also, there was a very high volume of applications this cycle. The school actually filled the March and June bridge classes out of that applicant pool. So, if you're thinking to get apply for August, get it in ASAP.

    BTW--thanks for the posts about what you are doing/planning for ways to get it all done. I am the home-educating Mom of a large family, and also work full time nights in the L&D. Here's what we've done:

    1. housekeeper 1-2 x weekly.
    2. Hubby teaching more & has cut the number of jobs he takes to a minimum.
    3. More preplanned home-education product/less Mom intensive planning.
    4. I'm certainly going to be less social
  14. by   Devyani
    I got accepted to class 85 starting in March, I work full-time with my sweetie! I will be cutting my hours in half. I plan to dedicate a lot of time studying hard! Nursing school was very hard for me since English is my second language, but with determination I will successfully finish NP school. Infinite Love & Gratitude to everyone!