After working in L&D are you considering going back for nurse midwife?

  1. Hi, I am a nursing student very interested in L&D. I was possibly thinking of going back to school in the future for nurse midwifery education. I was wondering if any of you guys that work in L&D would ever consider going back to school for CNM? What are your experiences working with them on the floor?

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  3. by   ohfeelyafundi
    Hi there!

    A nurse in our unit recently just finished school and started here internship to receive her CNM license. She was an OB nurse for 6 years and decided that she wanted to be manage cases on a more independent level. After her internship she plans on coming back to the area and working with one of our OB-Gyn groups and handling the 'low risk' hospital deliveries. I am SOOO excited for her and I think she will be an excellent CNM!! I definately would suggest that anyone interested in becoming a CNM should get at least a few years of OB experience before going to midwifery school. There's a lot to be said about learning hands on first!

    I have considered going to midwifery school myself, but have decided against it for the same reasons that kday mentioned. I commend those that do decide to go and become a CNM, they are a wonderful asset to all of those that have the pleasure of working with them!
  4. by   HazeK
    If time comes where I am only responsible for myself (ie. widow w/ grown children) I will jump at the chance to go back to school & get my CNM degree!

    But I can't do it til then, as spouse & children are already very jealous of my time at work! (12hr x 4/week).

    My previous experience w/ CNM was wonderful in Utah. They practiced safely, within their scope of practice, w/ great backup OBs

    Where I currently live, CNMs are not as welcomed by the local hospitals & the medical staff....? want to keep the business $$ for themselves??? maybe.

    The tertiary hospital where I work allows the RNs and MDs to work together as a team in managing patient care. Once the nurse has been there for a while & the MD is comfortable w/ the level of care she provides & her level of nursing judgements, it is common for the doc's to order "get her delivered", and allowing us to essential manage the patient's labor autonomously. It is great to be trusted by the docs at that level!
  5. by   2011BSN
    Do you have to work in L&D for a certain amount of time (or any) to be accepted to CNM school? I know that other programs, such as nurse anesthetist, require at least a year in acute care. I was just wondering what the requirement is for CNM school.
  6. by   tablefor9
    I'm starting midwifery school in the spring, after 15 years as an RN, 8 of which is in L&D/Women's Svcs.

    Can't imagine doing anything else.

    Many schools require 1 year nursing exp, preferably in L&D, and ACNM website is a great place for more info. Considering the fact that as an APN, one is responsible for more independent practice, it would behoove a nurse to have more than a year's experience. You can't learn it all in school, and a year of hands on does not an expert make.