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I been working now as a certified home health aid since last year 2013. I enjoy my work so I decide to go back to school next Fall '15 to start the LPN to RN program. I was wondering is it going to be very hard for me to be successful in completing my goal? I been out of school now for a very long time besides the 6 weeks HHA course I attended last summer. I would love so advise and feedback how some of you Nurses got started in this profession. Thanks for your time and support!


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You say you are working as a CHHA, but you are considering attending an LPN to RN program. Do you have an LPN license? If not, this avenue is not open to you at this time. You can either attend an LPN program, then an LPN to RN program, or you can start with an RN program and bypass LPN. Suggest you check out the programs available in your immediate area, then make your decision.


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You need to study and work hard. If you want to be a nurse, and you are willing to work hard and do what it takes, you will be a nurse!