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I was wondering if there are certifications we can get now as a nursing student so that we have them when we graduate and can help us with getting a job?

I just know that it's difficult to get the first job as a freshly graduated student, so I am just trying to figure out what I can do now to help me when I graduate in a year.

Thank you!


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You can look into ACLS and PALS. Maybe an EKG arrhythmia class. Most other nursing certifications you must have bedside experience.

My school offers BLS, CPR, ACLS, and PALS to any one willing to take the courses. Students, RN's, LPN's and I would assume lay people can take the courses. They are offered on a non-credit/degree basis. They also offer the Neonatal Resuscitation and PICC insertion classes but it think they are for nurses only. All of these are American Heart Association approved. The only prerequisites are for the ACLS and PALS courses which is an ECG course ( which is also offered by the same division). I would check with your school to see if they offer such classes. This division of the school also offers foreign language classes, art classes, physical education classes, etc... basically for non-degree seeking students at a reasonable cost.

I just finished semester 3/4 of my ADN program and I'm getting all of these done this summer to be 1) more marketable as a new grad RN after I graduate/become licensed in mid December, and 2) to not have to worry about them around Christmas time (I want to take NCLEX and hunt for a job ASAP after Christmas).

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