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Bpommy, BSN

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3 hours ago, pmaries1816 said:

Has anyone gotten interviews with managers yet?

I still haven’t heard anything from Denver or Colorado Springs yet. 


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Still no detailed updates since my pymetrics interview... anyone else in the same boat? 


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Just received an email from one of the recruiters asking if I was interested in PACU in Canyon City. I declined the location but she did state that I am still being considered for my preferred locations (Boulder valley area). 

So if anyone is interested in that location/specialty, you may be in luck.

Not much, but at least I got an update from an actual human. Figured I'd let you all know. 

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I received an email asking to input my references but that’s the only update I have. Just got it today

Bpommy, BSN

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Hey Guys,

I just got the references request email, but no word on interviews with managers yet. 

On 9/12/2020 at 9:40 AM, JP Roa said:

Hi everyone! 

  • I applied on 8/9 for the Fall Cohort For both Colorado/Kansas location and received an email for the that one way video record interview thing, which I submitted a few days after.
  • I received an email on 9/4 like everyone else stating application status in review.
  • Yesterday, 9/11, I received an email for a live, Zoom interview with 4 people for the Kansa location.
  • My interview is on 9/17 ?. The email said that “they” would discuss  the “Nurse Residency Role”. I’m bad at interviews. Going to have write down all possible questions and write them down so that I can turn to my notes if needed.

I applied for ER Nurse Residency, 2nd option: ICU, 3rd option: OR

I’m not a new grad. I’ve been an RN for almost 10 years with no hospital experience. Been working mostly in urgent care/triage, primary/specialty clinics. Currently a travel nurse for clinics.

It has been difficult to find an ER job in desired locations due to not having experience. I see a lot of New Grad/Residency jobs, as well as, Nurse fellowship programs. But I don’t fall on either according to all the places/programs I applied to. They would reply that programs/jobs are only for new grads and refer to apply for experience/fellowship programs but then I would get told that I don’t have the experience they’re looking for. So I’m like stuck in the middle, I don’t qualify or I’m too over qualified (which some have stated) but I shouldn’t be over qualified because I don’t have experience in that area I’m applying for ??‍♂️ ?. Been applying for months and this is the closest to getting through an application ?

So I had my interview a few days ago with 4 different people, managers/supervisors, from different units/departments.

It was all behavioral type questions. I had typed all possible nursing Q&A to prepare and printed it out. Luckily for me the Zoom interview turned into audio instead of video so it was less nerve racking and I was able to search through my Q&A papers without worrying about them looking at me since it was just a telephone interview.

At the end of the interview they asked me if I had any questions. I went and asked straight away if they had an ER residency position or if the interview I did was for an ER residency position, which was what I had put down on the application.

They said there were no ER residency position currently and that because I had no hospital experience they prefer that I work in Med-Surg first.

They said they would get back to me within a week to give me an offer or not. Since I really want the ER Residency program I'm going to not accept anything from them since it's only for Med-Surg. 

Had I known before that they didn't have an ER Residency program available then I would have cancelled my interview. 


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I got a call from Penrose yesterday for their ICU and have a zoom interview Friday. I didn't realize that orientation is rotating, the first year is all rotating and then second year goes to nights..

I had an interview with Castle Rock med surg last week but I think that's only because I currently work there as a tech. My manager knew I was applying and picked my name out early. But I just got notification yesterday that I was asked for an interview at St. Anthony's ED observation unit that is set to occur next week. I think we're all going to hear more about interviews very soon. Also, there isn't a 2 year contract for Centura residency like there is for other hospital systems. 

Bpommy, BSN

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Hey everyone, 

I got an email today to set up an in person interview at St Francis for their ortho unit. I was hoping for NICU or perinatal so I’m pretty bummed, but I just wanted to update everyone on what’s going on. 

Bpommy, BSN

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Has anyone by chance gotten 2 separate emails on different days for different units?

14 hours ago, Bfields27 said:

Has anyone by chance gotten 2 separate emails on different days for different units?

I did. Had an interview one week with Castle Rock and then got an email the following week for an interview with St Anthony's. 


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54 minutes ago, yodapup said:

I did. Had an interview one week with Castle Rock and then got an email the following week for an interview with St Anthony's. 

What units?


For people that have gotten interviews, did they say that the first year would be rotating?

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