Censorship re Travel Nursing companies


just wanted to let everyone know I attempted to make a posting yesterday asking travelers to write about their good and bad experiences with the various travel companies they have worked with and my post was not allowed to ride on the forum - being considered a dangerous opportunity for libel.

censorship rears it's ugly head

any opinions on this?


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Opinions? Here are a couple:

1) Technically, it's only "censorship" if it's the government telling you that you can't say or publish something. F'rinstance, if the government tells you you can't publish Penthouse (or Mother Jones) magazine, that's censorship. If Wal-Mart chooses not to sell Penthouse or Mother Jones, that's not censorship (since they're not preventing you from publishing it), just Wal-Mart exercising its right to decide what it will and won't offer for sale in its own stores ...

This site is a private enterprise, with rules and conditions for participation set by the owner/administrator of the site, which he is perfectly free to do. Participation in the site is conditioned on your (any/all of us) agreeing to abide by the established Terms of Service. If you don't like them, you don't have to visit the site. The owner/administrator has the final say on whether anything gets posted here.

2) What you were asking is a dangerous opportunity for libel, and I wouldn't permit it, either, if it were my website. Why should allnurses take the risk? You can always start up your own website and publish/display whatever you like on it (and be responsible for any consequences).


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IF there are any further questions, the site owner and the other administrators can be contacted using the link:


Only you and the administrators will have access to the inquiry.


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It is exactly because of potential for libel that we discourage this.

There is always too: He/she said, they said and the truth...somewhere in-between. Very difficult to moderate...

...especially when you add in the SPAM factor from just one person who's so disgruntled signs up multiple accounts skews reports.


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There are many nursing websites out there. When you google "nursing + topic" most often a post from our website is in top 5 responses. As the worlds largest nursing bulletin board, we are more so in the public eye. Some websites do not have their individual posts be indexed/ picked up by website search engines so therefore info is not as public.

We have had members report getting FIRED over what they have posted here (confirmed by other members). .

Also, have had members need to change user name re issues regarding posts at other websites as they use the same name everywhere. In some facilities THEY ARE watching what is posted. Doesn't matter if done on free time or from home.

So we are much more careful regarding posting here... to protect the innocent.

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