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Cell Biology or Genetics

by Jsoled Jsoled (New) New

Hi I'm new here,

I'm in a non-nursing undergraduate major but am very seriously considering an ABSN program after graduation. I have the option of taking either cell biology or genetics as part of a biology minor. Do you have an opinion of which course might be more applicable or helpful to nursing theory or getting into an ABSN program?

Genetics is a 300 level class whereas Cell Bio is only 200 level. They both seem interesting.

Thanks, Jake

Yes, I would take genetics. At least it covers how genetic disorders and how they are inherited. I found that so interesting! Cell biol is cool too, but there is nothing that I can think of from cell biol (that wasn't covered in gen biol) that can really be useful in nursing school.

But in the end, you should really take what really interests you since neither is required for nursing!

If neither is required, then I would take the one that interests me most. Cell bio is most likely considered to be more of an extension of general or intro bio whereas genetics would interest me more and would provide more info that could be of use to me in the future as a nurse.

I am in my last year of a BSN program and they required genetics and not cell bio. Hope that helps. I did find genetics interesting.

Thanks for the replies! I think I'm gonna go with genetics.