Celebrating being accepted into nursing program


I didnt know where to put this topic,so I put it here in this little special place.I am about to take my TEAS exam in a few weeks.I am pretty confident that I will pass with a good grade.My family wants to celebrate(whether or not I pass-so sweet) and I dont know what to do.How did you celebrate when you passed the TEAS and got into a nursing program?

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Your family is kind :) Hold on to that, as such a wonderful support system will be invaluable during nursing school. The day I was accepted, I was living in another city and just got off work. I had no family nearby, but my friends and I had a wonderful time eating out and catching a movie. Nothing fancy, but a day I'll remember for a long time!

Thats sweet of you,and very true.Still,large family,large headaches. :)But on a serious note,I dont feel like disappointing them or making them waste time and money.Thanks! ;)

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I did nothing when I got into nursing school this past March. Come to think of it, I did nothing when I got accepted into University. Graduating from my first undegrad however was a different story.

You have a great support system, what you can have them do instead of celebrating, have them pitch in for tuition and other school related expenses :).

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Went to McDonalds on my way home. haha But getting in isn't the hard part at my school - apparently finishing the program is. :p