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Cedars-Sinai New Grad Summer 2013

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Yikes, I had a missed call from them on wednesday asking for a phone interview. I called back 6 times today and left 2 voice messages and never got to talk to a person! I hope they haven't moved on entirely!

Yup I was told they would email us by tomorrow whether or not we moved in for 5/15! And I'm not sure if the person who called was a recruiter? He told me he was given my name and number to call and ask me some questions and he would transcribe the answers. Hopefully he understood what I was saying! Lol

Gastro, I got a call back after leaving a message yesterday, so I think you will too. (I, too, was concerned that they would just leave me in the dust.) It just sounds like they have a long list to go through. The frustrating thing is that you have to be "on" whenever they call. I actually had to cut my call short this afternoon because I was nannying a very very active toddler, and I was just too distracted. I explained this to the woman at the beginning of the call, so at least she knew why I had to hang up so quickly, but I don't think it reflected well upon me. I actually canceled nannying tomorrow so that I can give this phone screen my undivided attention. Goodness goodness...

Anyways, best of luck to you!

Has anyone look for housing yet? Any ideas about where to live that has a decent commute/isn't too expensive?

Anyone know how many phone interviews they're doing vs. how many people go to open house?

Just had my phone screen. For future phone interviewees, they asked questions about what makes a good employee, conflict resolution, and decision making, in addition to the "why Cedars?" and "why you?".

The woman said that they screened over 100 candidates (not sure how far over 100), but she didn't say how many people were getting invited to the open house. Hopefully there will be information about that in the email that it sounds like they're going to send out later today.

Just have a phone screening around 3:15ish...The nurse recruiter said something about having 70 more calls to make:)

70 more is a lot! When I asked the recruiter I did my phone screen with what the next steps were, she said we would be hearing in about a week and that it would be through email. Sounds like we are getting conflicting reports! Lol I hope they send an email today, just so I do t have to wait in anticipation any longer! But if they are still doing phone interviews this afternoon, I don't know what to think? Haha

Well I got just the email for a second interview on the 15th, so never mind my previous post! lol

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just wanted to ask those who applied for cohort 2 ... was anyone from out of state?

Gastro2012: The lady that did my screening said that they would contact people by email starting on Monday. Lol We definitely got conflicting reports :sarcastic:

I'll be there on Wednesday too! My time slot is at 4:30 pm -- I'll be biting my nails all day for sure!

@kdawsonRN, to answer your question, I'm not out of state but I am in SF, so it's not terribly close. Not sure if you were asking for license reasons or geography reasons or whatnot...

Got my rejection :( I need to practice how to answer those types of questions! Idk if I'm answering them the way they want to hear.

Sandymicky ~ first and foremost congrats!!! I am sincerely happy for you getting into the first cohort :) I've just been informed that I've been invited for an interview this Wednesday and my immediate reaction was sheer happiness and feeling very blessed followed immediately by nervousness and anxiousness. Most of all I'm concerned about the types of questions to expect and instantly thought about how much I have forgotten these last 5 months and the need to cram this weekend. Lol. Do you have any feedback or advice for me? Hope u don't mind replying to my email but would sincerely appreciate it if I could hear from you. Email - jntkim@gmail.com

Once again congrats and i really hope I can get through the interview successfully and join you in the program!!! Just thinking about it makes me smile :)

I also got the invitation to the open house. any feedback from past interviews would be of great help.

@stephiem -- I'm so sorry to hear that. It's always such a letdown when yet another rejection letter arrives. Keep on applying and prepping answers for interview questions. There's a reason we all made it through nursing school and passed the NCLEX -- you can do it!!

Hi everyone! I am new to allnurses.com, but I have been keeping up with the thread.

Congrats SandyMickey!! I hope to be joining you soon! I also received the invitation to the open house on Wednesday. I am very excited, but also nervous as it is hard to know what to expect. Like jk and zombmurse, I am wondering if you have any tips on how to prepare for the interview. It seemed like everyone had the same questions last time, mostly clinical related.

Alwaysshere13 - what else did they ask you? Trying to anticipate certain topics but sounds like the questions don't seem to have any rhyme or reason ... Kinda just threw you a bunch of random topics. Any feedback or advice?


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