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  1. I am so thrilled! I just found out that I will be precepting in the CCU! I was going to post this in the nursing student area, but wanted to get some feedback from CCU nurses!!! What would you want your preceptor to know coming in to the CCU as a senior nursing student?? Skills to brush up on?? Any websites or books that are beneficial for a student nurse to read before precepting in the CCU?? Thanks in advance!!
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  3. by   KBICU
    I had the same experience in school and it was truly irreplaceable. Congrats! Study EKG/heart rhythms for sure click on ecg simulator its great!

    Also learning cardiac meds would be a huge help. Neo, levo, cardizem, epi, dopamine, dobutamine, primacor etc. At least get familiar of the drug classes chances are youll see them alot. I work in a CCU/CT surg now so if you have questions feel free to ask!!
  4. by   NickiLaughs
    Congrats I always recommend this site:
    t was my lifesaver when I started ICU nursing.
  5. by   echoRNC711
    I precept-ed students in the past (ASU/CVRU ) and currently in cardiac rehab.
    What do I look for....

    Very little actually. I don't have expectations. If a student is open to learning it is terrific. I pretty much go through rhythms, scenarios, survival skills, learning what's a priority.
    The staff may get you to do some of the nursing assistants work if they are short. Try not to get annoyed with this. It's a balance.The world of nursing school is quite concrete/ rigid nursing in the field is more flexible so be open to that.

    I personally ask students. What do you want to learn (even if it's non cardiac ) I get them to pick areas they are weak at. I tell them "Here is where you get to make mistakes because I am right behind you .I am here to help you not judge you. I have forgotten a lot of nsg school A&P but if you want to focus on something I will review it and then get back to you. If the nursing student asks for something to focus on then doesn't bother to review it herself then I no longer go out of my way for that student. I tell students straight up "Its your practice If you want to float through without actively learning. I have absolutely no issue with that but don't waste my time "I personally like students to teach me things. I may not know the latest DM med ,so go for it.

    A lot of what I focused on was how to think critically.Just be willing and open. Don't waste energy on "but in nursing school....." Instead try, "I am not clear on this .Can you help me understand ".

    I keep it really simple. Look,listen ,learn.

    1 Look at the pt NOT the monitor (develop assmt skills ) ....(Catch the problem early prevents the future code )
    2 Listen to what the pt saying. If you listen they will tell you the problem,cause and often the solution.
    3 Be willing to learn from everyone. There are many styles .

    Be polite
    Don't do something you are not qualified to do.
    Don't spout everything you have ever learned. You are there to learn what you DON'T know (unless your seeking clarification )

    Be prepared for a little turbulence .Nothing is perfect.

    Have fun
  6. by   Madds06
    Thank you all for your input!!! I just purchased the app called "Fast Facts in Critical Care" by Kathy White and the IABP and Cardiac Surgery one to go with it! I really appreciate you all replying! I will brush up on all the stuff you mentioned!! I start Oct 22, so I will update you on how it's going! My preceptor is a grad student at our university and is our tudor in critical care (which I am just finishing up now)! He loves to help and teach students so I'm very excited!
  7. by   LivingADream
    Congrats! If you put effort into learning the swing of things, you will do great. And eventually it will be like you've done it all along!
  8. by   Maevish
    I LOVE that site!!!
  9. by   on eagles wings
    hey how have you been doing? i just got put in CCU for my senior practicum too would love to hear an update!!
  10. by   Madds06
    Oh it's going amazing!!! My preceptor loves to teach and he really likes orienting new nurses!! You will love it! I have done six 12 hour shifts so far and can't even tell you all that I have learned! When do you start in the CCU??
    On my first night, he asked me if I wanted to focus on one thing a night (learning wise) or just throw it all together.. And I went with throwing it all together! We do a lot with hemodynamics- swans, a-lines, cvvhd (I had no clue what this was til I googled it), and balloon pumps. I've had patients that are intubated and some that aren't.. Some post caths and we pull the lines. Lots of drips.. Most common I have seen are versed, nitro, norcuron, and lots and lots of LEVO! If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask
  11. by   on eagles wings
    awesome!!! thanks for the advice!! i purchased the fast facts app because you mentioned it... it looks real helpful! i am so glad its going well for you, i am sure you are going to remember this for the rest of your life haha. i hope i have a similar experience in the CCU! i am super nervous! i start tuesday =)
  12. by   Madds06
    I use the fast facts ALL THE TIME!! It came in really handy when I would get home and think of steps to do something with the swan ganz catheters and I just kept going over it step by step with the help of that app! You have to let me know how it is going!! I was super nervous to get started and now I'm getting into a routine and getting to know all the staff! It's an amazing experience!! Ask lots of questions!! And another thing, I always write down stuff throughout the night (I am on night shift) that I am unfamiliar with or even things I hear other nurses talking about and look it up on my days off!! Good luck, ill be thinking about ya!!!
  13. by   Madds06
    How is your precepting experience going in the CCU??
  14. by   limaRN
    I'm happy to hear you a re having a good experience! I will be precepting a student starting Dec/ Jan and am really excited. I hope I give them a good experience