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What have been your experiences with this medication. How do you compare it to the use of propofol? Better/worse??? :) We are being trained on it; as our physicians have started to use it more... Read More

  1. by   clarkheart
    I would agree with begalli that toradol is very effective when given routinely in the first 24-48 hours postop if their creatine and cbc will allow. We will start toradol once the pt. in on CPAP. Oversedation is ess. a non-issue and it gives the patient a steady analgesic effect.
  2. by   DidiRN
    I've have never taken care of fresh open hearts before, but have many thoracotomies for lung CA's or other issues, and Toradol did wonders of the post op pain these folks suffered. Even when opoids didn't seem to help, this drug did almost 100% of the time I have used it. It's great.
  3. by   pantrekker
    i have a patient who is Precedex right now. but it is only for 24 hours. it is used with fentanyl drip on my patient at the same time. i do not see any difference in action/effect on patient.