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I'm currently under fire from my ICU manager because I administered "Ativan 4mg IV Now" as ordered by the physician, to a patient who was delerious, restrained at wrists to bed, and had a... Read More

  1. by   nowplayingEDRN
    The only other fly in the soup that I see is that you did not document in your note that you gave the medication over the time frame you mentioned. I was always taught if you did not document it, you did not do it. You also mention the ambu bag but where was your airway roll up for ET tubes and laryngoscopes?? You would need those if you had to whip out that ambu bag. You documented where the reversal agent was and that is good and lit supporting the dosage and administration...good again.
    I wish you the bes of luck and hang tough. Please keep us posted.

    As an after thought out transcutaneous pacing SOP calls for the use of versed with MSo4 fot the patient for pain controll and conscious sedation for the procedure.
  2. by   earthgirl56
    If they put the eye on you ,better save your licence and leave,don't wait to be fired or,reported to BRN
    With the experience you have ,you"ll get job anywhere
    I had a friend who belonged to the barganing team,and after 30 years of work,managment found the way to fire her and reported her to BRN
  3. by   dianah
    As this thread is over six years old, further posts will likely not be relevant to the OP.

    Will leave in view but close for now.

    Thanks to all who have posted!