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  1. Longish post - sorry.

    I've not been well.-
    Anyway I am currently undergoing a number of tests and l am hopefully being sorted out.
    I was admitted to hospital with Atrial Fibrillation - Symptoms were edema and shortness of breath. - We had been up to Wollongong (6 hours away) for family celebrations when l went to go for a walk down the beach got continuous SOB and noted swelling in my ankles. Anyway l had trouble climbing stairs etc. When we got back home l went to the local hospital to A&E they were really good, instantly seen. (I actually didn't think l was that bad) They did an ECG, C X-Ray and bloods as well O2 obs etc - Anyway end up at the CCU - lots of bloods and various medications etc.
    Out of hospital after 5 days and nights - now on hospital in the Home Today have had a stress test (over 2 days) Last week a heart echo

    The current situation was written up on the stress test as -
    Rapid AF /? Sick sinus syndrome and LVF. Symptoms over last week TTE demonstrated EF 44% with anterior/ anterosept with ?? akineses ?? Leff or left B-blater ) underlying reversal ischemia.

    Now l will and have been admitting l have little recent knowledge in the coronary care area and whilst they (particularly the nurses) have been really great at explaining pretty well what is happening - at this stage they really don't know what has caused it and what ultimately will happen - they are hoping that this will be reversed once the medication kicks in - I'm on warfarin digoxin beta blockers Lasix .

    l was wondering if any of you could point me in the right direction of some reading material regarding AF - sick sinus syndrome etc.

    I am needless to say not at work - the Nurses see me each morning for clexhane injections and obs as well as taking bloods. I am in my mind fairly settle - i.e. not panicked - am only 52 and this certainly wasn't in the long term plans so as to speak - No there is no history as such in the family. The doctors at one stage seem to think that his may have been happening for some time. Have been feeling progressively tired for a long time now - just put it down to menopause and work etc.

    I am not asking anyone to diagnose me or such am really just asking as l said for good sites / information to read re this - I am at this stage happy with the treatment and today feel a lot better than l have a for a couple of weeks. I am being positive and believe that from this l will in fact be a lot better and live a full and long life.

    Anyway in advance thank you for any of your thoughts.
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  3. by   gwenith
    Sandrs feel free to pm me or email me. I will be in the chat room tonight for a while
  4. by   Grace Oz
    GOODNESS Tookie!!.... How awful for you!
    So sorry to read this. Will see if I can locate some info for you to read. How about trying the National Heart Foundation for starters?...
    Will be in touch. Take care...