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Hi all! I have an ethical/end of life question for you. I had a patient who had a pacemaker placed in the 90s as well as an AVR a couple years previous to this visit. The patient was a young patient... Read More

  1. by   MomRN0913
    Quote from breaktime
    I agree with limaRN. I see this as no different than extubating a pt when withdrawing care. You are stopping a medical treatment/intervention that a pt no longer wants. It's not like you are smothering a pt with a pillow (in the case of extubation). In the case of stopping a pacemaker, you are not stopping the pts heart, you are stopping the device (read as treatment/intervention, that the pt expressed they do not want) that is keeping the heart going. In my mind their is a big difference. I think you did the right thing.
    Extubation isn't like smothering a patient with a pillow if you do it right. If you have the patient on a nice dose for an hour on a morphine drip, it could be pretty peaceful.
  2. by   Dbohr1012
    you did the right thing
  3. by   StayLost
    In my experience it is expected that an ICD will be discontinued when supportive care is withdrawn. The physician will write an additional order to have device rep turn of ICD. The rep will NOT turn off the pacer function, even if an order is written to do so.
  4. by   marilynbaker
    I would feel very emotional too. But think of this when the body stops working, care is futile and we have to think what is best for the patient, it is best for the patient to not feel any pain and be at their final resting place.