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Hi guys, I am a RN working in a CCU in Saudi Arabia where they do things a little differently to say the least! What is peoples expereince with working with angioseals? Good and bad... Read More

  1. by   yellow rose
    Does anybody use a Perclose? When I was in school, they were used all the time- and I recall very few problems with them. Where I work, angioseals are the favorite- but our patients almost always bleed! Actually, the manual pressure ones do best!
  2. by   dspring
    My primary job is in a Radiology Special Procedures Lab, and wwheen I first started all we used was Vasoseal. then we started using Perclose, now we just started using Angioseal. I love the perclose, and the Vasoseal is nice, if you can't Perclose the puncture site. I am still undescided on Angioseal. Working In the Specials Lab, and dealling with a lot of patients with PAD, I'm leary about putting ANYTHING in the artery to stay, even for a very short time. The Anchor on Angioseal makes me a little nervous. So far we have had no problems with it so far.
  3. by   cathlabrn
    We have been using angioseals frequently, even post plasty.
    The cath lab staff loves them. The floor nurses do complain that they are oozing but without hematoma. When we don't use the angioseal, we use syvek or chito seal, and then apply a small op-site dressing or a bandaid. It works well.
    Good luck!!