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CCU/CTICU Interview

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Good afternoon,

Im a recent new grad BSN nurse and I just got my first call for an interview with a critical care residency program. It is for the cardiac ICU and cardiothoracic ICU ( both managers of these respective units will be present). I was told that during the interview clinical questions will be asked and to be prepared for anything. This is a new grad residency program. I assume they will be asking safe practice questions, and competency based questions for the specific units. I was wondering if anyone has been through these types of quiz type interviews and if anyone could give me some guidance on how to best prepare. Do I need to focus on levo drip info , CVP ranges, rhythms? Any insight would be greatly appreciated !


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Clinical practice questions beyond basic safety and assessment type things (similar to NCLEX what would you do if) are not appropriate for job interviews - especially for new grads. Those types of questions would be a major red flag for me that the unit(s) is a dysfunctional shark tank. Always be wary of things like "fast-paced" also. That's usually just code for "the workload is bull ****"

Hi, I just ran into this post. I, too, interviewed for a CTICU and the manager was being so odd and kept asking me clinical questions. He wanted me to tell him the side effects of Neo and Amio. I work at a CT surgery stepdown unit for about 2 years. He obviously didnt like the answers I provided him and said I needed more experience because this is a "very fast paced" unit. I thought it was just so strange, did he wanted to hire a nurse or a textbook?