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I just recently passed my CEN and am now looking to become a CCRN. I was wondering if anyone had information on good review resources. I did primarily self study for my CEN and am looking to do the same for my CCRN. Thank you in advanced for any tips!

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I studied for CCRN using the AACN's online CCRN review; if you are a member it is $80, non-members I believe is $160. I found it to be concise yet comprehensive. I also used the Laura Gasparis DVD's that a co-worker let me borrow. I studied for about two weeks and passed with an 86%. I did not use any books and found that a lot of it came from experience and working in the specialty.

Best of luck!


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I like Barron's CCRN exam prep book, by Patricia Juarez. I felt that the practice questions, both in the book and online, were very close to the ones I saw on the exam. The book really helped me focus my study. It's not thick, and not expensive! Since you already have CEN, you'll find that it will help you look at issues from an intensive care perspective. I scored high.


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I liked Laura Gasparis's videos. Found them very funny. Also I used a PassCCRN book I found online for cheap.


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I used a combination of resources when I was preparing for the CCRN. The most helpful resources to me were the Laura Gasparis DVD's, PASS CCRN online question-bank access, and the Med-Ed CCRN Exam Blitz with Erika Gabbard. I bought the PASS CCRN book which was around $70 and included the online access, however I only recommend purchasing the access which is about $26 through the publisher's website; the book itself is a very difficult read and is more of a reference manual than a study manual. Hope this helps!