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CCRN study! (Laura Gasparis lecture vs. Barrons, vs. PASS CCRN)


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I am currently studying for CCRN. I am listening Laura Gasparis lecture (DVD), and barrons CCRN prepbook. There are review questions at the end of Gasparis's lecture but they were much easier and that made me feel confident.

And then I studied Barron's and there were somewhat a lot of materials that Laura did not cover on her lecture(especially Repiratory part) and the test on Barrons was much harder than Laura's quiz.

And I did some questions on Pass CCRN and they were brutal. (I got 50% )..

Now I am kinda worried about the test. I wonder which material should I stick to for the test.

Any good advice?

I used all the above plus the aacn ccrn course review, the gasparis video are okay, but you need more, I did follow the barrons study plan for cv, resp and neuro, I felt okay when I was scoring 80% schedule your self to take 150 items several times on PASS CCRN, aacn gave me that last piece of information that I needed to pass the test. memorize for ABG’s interpretation and hemodynamics interpretations, follow the test plan on the ccrn handbook, become familiar with it. Again I heard from people just using one resource for study and still pass. Everyone is different, wish you the best of luck.


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I watched laura gasparis' videos and combined that with pass ccrn. it was enough for me personally. I did not do any practice tests. I liked the pass ccrn question bank because I could do it at work when I had time in between tasks. I think it was about 1000 questions all divided into different categories and I pretty much did a couple rounds of all the questions. it really goes by quick and you eventually start memorizing the answers. sometimes the rationales sucked and required me to Google for better explanations. good luck with your exam!