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CCRN Review

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Hello all! I know this is a common topic on the forum but I couldn't find anything relatively new and figured I would give it a shot... I am beginning to study for my CCRN and am looking for some good review books. I looked at some book reviews on Amazon, but I just think that this may be a better place to ask. Any suggestions??? THANKS! :)

I just took and passed the CCRN exam a few days ago. It felt like advanced NCLEX.

The books I used are:

- AACN Core Curriculum for Critical Care Nursing (good but no hemodynamics)

- Pass CCRN (Very detailed, but has good CD practice questions)

- Certification for Critical Care Nursing (Very good content and lots of practice questions. The best book I used)

- Kaplan CCRN (Terrible content, but practice question in the book and online from their website.)

- AACN Self Assessment Exam (Don't waste your money on this. Only 60 questions and one time practice exam.)

The books were for the prior CCRN test plan, but overall, they were usable for the new Test Plan. Follow the new test plan when studying. There was only 2 or 3 questions on psychosocial/behavior. A lot of questions on synergy type issues.

Just study and answer has many practice questions as you can. Prepare for it like you prepared for NCLEX.

Good luck.


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Pass CCRN , AACN Core Curriculum for Critical Care Nursing or just reading a critical care nursing book are all great resources. I passed my CCRN test last month and it is similar to the NCLEX exam mainly testing critical thinking skills.


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I have some Laura Gasparis DVDs available for purchase, if anyone is interested. Her explanations are to the point and stories are hilarious. Well worth the money.

msnurse14 i would love to get those off your hands. I don't know how to contact through this forum. if i could get ur email address and set something it that would be great.


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Im selling them for $130 if your interested PM me


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