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  1. Is nursing school as hard as some people say?

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      Yes, it's awful.
    • Tricky, but not impossible.
    • If you stay on top of things you'll be fine.
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      No, it's a cake walk.

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Hi everyone! I recently got into the CCRI nursing program and I'm starting this coming spring. I just thought it'd be a good idea to ask what people who are already in the CCRI program think of it. What do you think about the instructors, clinical locations, schedules, etc.? I'm looking forward to starting and I just want to get an idea of what people have experienced. Thanks for any replies I appreciate it

I just got in for spring as well. Did u get in nights or days? Im Lincoln nights. I hope someone responds!


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Warwick days. I really want some people to just share their experiences.


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If you stay on top of things you'll be fine.


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I will preface this by saying that I'm only in my first semester. But nursing school is as hard as people say!! The material so far has not been difficult to learn but there is a lot of it. I can already tell that things are starting to get more difficult as we begin to delve more into the real nursey stuff. Even though it has been difficult already, the professors are AWESOME. They really want you to succeed and you are given everything you need to know, there haven't been any surprise expectations. My first clinical is on a unit with seriously sick patients at a well known hospital. The one thing that was really frustrating for work and childcare is that we did not get our clinical schedule until like a week before the semester started. But, I think that is how it always is so if you know that is going to be the case you can plan for it. I did know the days about a month in advance (ie. Saturdays and Mondays) but not the actual dates and times until right before class started.

Unlike in the prereq's which were cut-throat, the students want each other to succeed. Its been a great environment so far. Let me know if you have any questions!

Hi katy!

wow someone responded! Thanks! Does that mean that you know your whole clinical schedule for the semester? Are u nights or days? What times are your clinicals?




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Sorry I am just seeing this! Yes we did receive our entire clinical schedule for the semester about 2-3 days before classes began. I am on nights/weekends and I have lab or clinical on Saturdays from either 7-3 or 8-4 and Mondays its usually from 3-8. I mentally add an hour to the end times since we usually get out late. The first semester its only once a week, so either Saturday or Monday. I'm not sure about next semester.


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Hi there,

Congrats on your acceptance! I also got accepted into CCRI Nursing for this fall 2017.. However, I also applied to RIC because I would love to start working on my BSN right away and graduate that way. I hear good things about both schools but I've been studying part time at a community college for the past 3 years, have a 3.8 combined GPA and crave a new learning environment. Im a little worried about my decision to turn down a guaranteed seat in such a competitive program...