I applied for the Essex Nights and Weekend program and I'm so nervous! Does anyone know the average GPA they accept or does that fluctuate every year. I have a 3.8 GPA and I'm going to take my TEAS test in February.

Is there anyone on the board that attended Essex or Catonsville? How did you like it? How were your clinicals? Did you work full time? I'm so freaking excited I really hope I get in. I'm getting laid off on May 2nd and then I get 2 1/2 month severance pay so I'm hoping to just take out a loan and jump right into nursing school without starting to work at another desk job.



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I attended Catonsville and just graduated in December. Catonsville is a GREAT program but it is TOUGH which is good because I came out feeling well prepared. I loved clinicals...I got to see a variety of different hospitals and different units. I worked PT throughout school and FT only over the winter/summer breaks.

Good luck!


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Hi, I just finished the day program at essex. It is pure hell, torture for the full two years, talk about jump through hoops, be prepared. Not trying to scare you, just giving you fair warning that the instructors take pleasure in abusing you in every way possible until the final day. I learned a lot and just passed the NCLEX on the first try but trust me, be prepared.

I could not have worked full time and passed. I worked part time after funds. We began with 68 students and graduated 22 of the original 68.

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