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Got pulled from the waitlist today!

Sameeeeee! Yay!


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Congratulations getting off the wait list guys ??

For those who decided on Case; have you guys heard back about anything beyond the site placement survey and getting our emails? I'm getting antsy about knowing if CCF will be my clinical site. Also, I know we have to take the stats class; anyone started it yet or are we all taking it in January-ish? I feel like there should be a FB group at this point

I think some people found out today about CCF! Not sure about UH


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Yes, I was fortunate to get CCF

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I am going to start a closed facebook group unless it happened already. CWRU CRNA Class of 2024. Cool? We can change the name later if ppl want

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Okay I created it. It's private in that only we can see what's posted. But public, in that you can find it if you search for it, and request to be added

I can't find the facebook group. Has anyone heard anything more about the FPB cohort?

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@hopefulrn12345 go onto facebook and search the term cwru CRNA class of 2024The group should appear. Click on it and request to join. Since it is a private group you have to submit the request and then one of the moderators will approve it. Let me know if you are still having issues finding it.


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I am definitely irritable because I am on night shift but I am currently starting the application process for CWRU and I read this entire forum and got goosebumps and almost cried. Such an emotional and exciting experience for all of you and you are bad*sses for even just going through this process.

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