Work from home problem - anyone else deal with this?

  1. I got a job with Humana working from home. The problem - I rent an apartment and my apartment complex won't allow an additional cable line to be run to my apartment (Humana requires my landlord to sign a form saying that they can run an additional cable line)

    Anyone else run into this problem? It would cost me $$$$$ to break my lease at this point
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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    Can you use the existing cable line for work and sign up for wireless service for your personal use? They should pay/reimburse you for the cable service, and you can use that to pay for the wireless, and it all comes out in the wash.
  4. by   AlphaPig
    I am hoping so - I am waiting to hear from Humana about this.
  5. by   nurseprnRN
    No, I think you misunderstand me. You don't have to ask them. They would reimburse you for your cable anyway.

    If, however, they want the bill to go to them directly, fine. Then you use the money you used to use for cable to pay for your wireless service.
  6. by   caliotter3
    My old complex manager would work with me on this, the current manager won't lift her little finger to do anything for me except to take my rent check. Hope you can get this to work out.