Samuel Merritt University Application ELMSN Spring 2019 - page 4

I was just wondering if anyone's applying to SMU's ELMSN - Case Management for Spring 2019? I took my HESI today and I can finally complete my application. Hopefully I have enough time to get... Read More

  1. by   Jacey77
    I interviewed this Wednesday, and I think everyone did great.
    So, I am a little confused about the interview criteria.
    Do you think the interview matter a lot? I really think that everyone in my slot did a greeeeat job!
  2. by   Jacey77
    The interview took about one and a half hours.
    Then we have some current FNP students to answer our questions. So it took a total about 2 hours.
    But it's a fast pace interview. You will feel that the interview is not long.
  3. by   Boymum
    Oh okay, thanks for letting me know. I thought it said 1 hour on the email. Mine is next tuesday, ahh I'm getting nervous!
  4. by   cvnursing
    Hi everyone! My interview is tomorrow and I was wondering if it's a group interview or if we are interviewed in front of a panel? Thank you!
  5. by   Studentnurseintraining
    Good luck to all who have their interviews today!
  6. by   MamaKat916
    Boymum and cvnursing, how did your interviews go?
  7. by   Boymum
    Hey MamaKat916!
    I got grilled about my prereqs .. because I took them over 10 years ago.
    I really don't know where I stand now, but I'm just keeping it positive.
  8. by   kayrh10
    Interviews went great yesterday! Everyone in my group went super well! The last round of interviews are on Friday but they said it could take to up to a month for the results!
  9. by   cvnursing
    Quote from MamaKat916
    Boymum and cvnursing, how did your interviews go?
    I feel it went well overall. At first it was awesome, then toward the end she began to point out old grades I had from earlier in undergrad (5-6 years ago), so that was somewhat disheartening.
  10. by   MamaKat916
    Cvnursing and boymum, I'm glad that you made it to the interview round! I can understand how disheartening that may be to have them question previous grades and pre-reqs. I only applied to the ABSN program, but some of my pre-reqs date back pretty far also. And some of my grades from my first degree are not pretty (not at all). I really hope that they look at us as a whole package. I can't imagine that they don't understand that people change and can become more driven as the mature. I did take the opportunity to explain my previous grades on my application, because unlike the Master's candidates, we are not given a face-to-face interview. I often have wished that we had that chance to show them our personality and determination first hand. I hope that meeting you in person gives them that chance to see you as a person and not just a grade. Best of luck to you both and everyone who is applying this round!!
  11. by   kayrh10
    Who else is obsessively checking their email even though they know it's probably too soon?
  12. by   WebbC1
    I am checking my email and THIS post and I didn't apply to this program, only ABSN. I'm just so excited for everyone to find out!
  13. by   jackiewackie44
    Has anyone heard back yet? I've been waiting all day for an email since they told me today would be the day!! I interviewed 2 weeks ago for the FNP track!