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Time for a roll-call for the Case Managers on the board!! I'm here in Vegas, got my CCM in 1999, Medical & Disability Case manager for PPO network & Utilization Management company.... Read More

  1. by   patMBA
    why the masters degree? Are they expecting you to perform as CNS's? I haven't heard of this except at the management level. I would think this would limit the pool of applicants. Do they pay more for the masters degree.
  2. by   SunnyAZRN
    I'm new to case management! Working in the hospital setting. I have alot to learn...wish me luck!
  3. by   eevie3940
    i am currently practicing case mgmt in acute care hospital, and i must say that it is the most frustrating, and unrewarding job. needy doctors, overworked nurses, frustrating families and upper management that can be unbearable. i wanted to take the ccm, but i know that case management isn't for me. any one else out there just as frustrated?
  4. by   Ms. RN'02
    Hello all! I've been a case manager in the community/home health setting for about a year in the Central FL area. Actually, I'm going back into case management. For the past couple of months I've be a DON for a new home health agency(huge mistake). Aside from the good pay, I have no desire to continue in that capacity. I helped open the agency, passed the surveys from the state, but feel very disconnected from the office and staff. So back to case management I go! Wish me luck...I'm sending my resume(s) out to several companies in the area. Anyway nice to meet everyone.
  5. by   windingdown
    Hello, I'm in Southern Cal and work for a company that provides services to insurance companies such as Case Management, UR, claims and bill review. I work from my home mostly although I put in a couple of half-days/weeks on site with one of our clients. I would like to know what kind of liability insurance people have that covers errors/omissions for UR/CM nurses, and need a company recommendation.
  6. by   Trinistdn
    hi am new to this site am all d way from the west indies trinidad to be exact
    just wanted to say hi and am preparing for exams and feel well just hmmm
    hi everyone
  7. by   gaylordrn
    Hello, I am in a case manager position and am required to obtain CCM in one year, what are the best resources and the links for the testing is it through the ANA? thanks for any info
  8. by   onward&upward
    Hey there--
    First time on this site. I am a CCM-- passed the exam in Oct. '06-- very relieved to get it done! Just left my last employer-- doing telephonic CM for Medicaid members. Now looking for something different. May try Disease Management. Anyone out there do Disease Mgmt. or other??
  9. by   Insurance RN
    I also just obtained my CCM in October 2006........whew was the hardest test I ever took (yes even worse than boards and my CCRN). I am an oncology case manager for a HMO.
  10. by   onward&upward
    this is to #58. the company I just left did CM and DM. Ideally, we were supposed to be able to move the client from a CM to a DM (for intensive teaching needs)-- it didn't always work that way. The last 2 people hired have been called CM/DM's. They are supposed to 'do it all' and I think that is the trend.
  11. by   tgb1966
    Hi, I am Tamara, RN, BSN, CCM Oct 06. Currently with a private CM/UR firm doing medical case management.
  12. by   bsweilrn
    I am a inpatient nurse case manager in the ICU/Trauma ICU with a large metro hospital in Eastern NC.
  13. by   grammyr
    I work in a small (60 bed) facility NW Louisiana and accepted the position of case manager this am. Have been doing relief for about a year and feel like I know next to nothing. Does anybody have any advice or know where I can get educational opportunities to help me.?????