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:roll I have been an RN for 7 years. Worked sub-acute unit, charge nurse on tele/oncology at hosptial and now am at the health department. I was wondering if I look in the Insurance companies... Read More

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    thekid .... do you mind telling me who you work for... i am interested in cm and find alot of doors closed. thanks
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    CM for Olympia/Sterling Ins co.? I'm going in for my 2nd interview today with this co. and and have never done CM in this setting before. I have been an RN for 15 years and worked home health doing CM for 10 of those years. Am curious about working in a cubicle all day long and for an ins. co. Anyone out there with first hand knowledge? Thanks, grammel
    I too was a nurse case manager for home health before going to work for an insurance company doing diabetes case management. It is VERY different and was difficult for me to get used to at first but now I love it. The slower pace makes the days feel longer, which I don't like. In home health I saw 6-7 patients per day and now I'm lucky if I get a hold of 2-3 people per day on the phone. I also spend a fair amount of time doing program development, speaking with employer groups and attending outside meetings. As long as you don't mind a snails pace compared to home health, I think you will like it. WAIT, I JUST REALIZED THIS WAS POSTED ALMOST 4 YRS AGO! Well it might help someone else make a decision.